Nothing in Spain is free, everything is redirected, everything belongs to the State. Nothing represents the truth or the multitude of real and daily existential concerns of an individual or collective nature of Spanish civil society, they talk about what the State dictates that they have to talk, sometimes about Catalonia, other times about the Basque Country and the independence movement, other times some cases of Bárcenas type corruption appear, YOU ARE fraudulent, Black cards, other of the corrupt that are our politicians, the constant corruption within the monarchy, _ something as normal as breathing_, other times of the plans political parties, and if not as it happens at this time, society is receiving a mega intervention from the media throughout the day and at all hours about the arrival and existence of a virus as if it were a virus the only thing that will happen to people during their normal life, to give the impression and to pretend that in this way that the population is informed from all channels and frequencies of the most refined act It is true that what seems to be reported is about the famous government management, a term that does not exist in Spain.Now and through this article we will try to explain the causes and the main reasons why management does not exist and cannot exist in Spain. Spain, management of a political nature as is obvious.

What is really happening and has always happened since the beginning of this regime of state parties in Spain, is that there is no media or institution that is representative of society or speaks for it on its behalf, that is dedicated to the attention of the real concerns of the citizens of each community or region, that speaks of what really happens to citizens in their daily lives, and that is that everything we have at hand comes and is directed from power, ironically that is from Who should we protect ourselves since the State is the one who puts taxes on us, bureaucracy, lawsuits, etc. Blatantly it is the State that most frightens the individuals of any society. This results in a large part of society attacking that part that manufactures or creates its own criteria or thought, that is, of everything that is proposed, whether individual or collective, apart from having to be approved by the Officiality of the State to gain a weight in the public and in the regional or district level, they also have to be approved by the same society, the one that obeys and follows what the State dictates and says how it has to be, that individual or collective is totally out of the social game between people, with this it can be explained that many talents in their subjects have never triumphed or stood out in Spain for not having fitted or being within what the officiality and the idea of ​​social democracy and politically Correct mark, this phenomenon curiously not only occurs since the establishment of the Party State in the year 78 but already came from centuries ago, a resounding and stupid social and professional annulment of anyone who stands out in his own way in Spanish society. Through all the means of communication where the news, television debate programs and other television radio and press spaces, _ with members of the public on many occasions unfamiliar with the matter being addressed, _ and other institutions as well, is from where power The State deploys all its mechanisms and tricks, giving the feeling that there is management by all members of the political class and the governments of the day. Management that cannot happen or exist in a party state as there is no political representation of the citizen, although there are other causal reasons that directly influence why management does not exist and cannot exist, such as political consensus.

All these programs, both on radio, television, press and other media, make the impact on the thinking of citizens focus more on what the media say than on what should really concern the citizen himself, that is, of whether or not such management exists. The effect that this media propagation of the State originates, is that among citizens only talk about what the State wants to talk about, it causes, as we can see if we look at it, that only what the media launches is commented and not talked about of the reality of physical persons, there is a deviation of the thinking of individuals towards the state domains and that deviates them from pure reality, creating a sedative effect and limiting the thinking capacity of society, which only dedicates itself to repeating what that these media preach and comment. That is why today we can hear the word management hundreds of times every day, and after hearing it so much we believe that it exists, but have we noticed if someone is really managing something, or do we just repeat like parrots what we hear in the various channels of the media? state propaganda?

As we have said before and also as an example of a word that has been accommodated with a pleasant sound in our political dictionary, consensus, a term quite familiar and accepted by all citizens as something positive in politics, therefore listen to it at all hours and that in Its function is an element that directly prevents that there is no politics and is applied so that there cannot be, consensus is the pure negation of politics, although there is a mistaken idea among society that it is something beneficial or of progress for the town. Since consensus is a reconciliation, instead, the polítical it is the pure struggle to achieve power, it is the dissent between opposing or different ideas to achieve power; Therefore, it already prevents that there is nothing to manage, what happens is that there is a pact or a distribution of goods or powers without citizen participation, and necessarily, a camouflage of said pact through the appearance of reconciliation and political harmony , so that it is not seen that what has really happened is a lie behind the back of the citizen; necessarily also, through a forced manipulation of the language and its meaning is changed so that it takes on an appearance of public management where it is impossible to have it, and it should be noted that it is not at all the same as talking about managing in the bureaucratic sense of the administrations. We can say then, that what exists in Spain is not management, it is called lies, corruption, prevalidation and embezzlement, and that is how it works and for more than 40 years.

The State was born with Hobbes as an instrument to guarantee civil peace, and reached its maximum fullness in the 30s and 40s in Europe and in which all its elements from men, women and children were already at its service, both has That idea has penetrated today to this day that almost all individuals believe that it is the State who has to choose and decide the future of their lives in any field, that even atrocities are heard in the media such as those who educate children It is the State and aberrations of that caliber, education is and is the responsibility of the family environment, the only mission that a college or school has to have is to teach, that is, to point out, how is it possible that it is not possible to reflect on this important topic and of a transcendence in the people like that their education depends on their family or of state interests? , as if it were normal for an individual to have no criteria or free thought of their own or even with their own children, something like they already think for me and organize my life_, what’s more, I can affirm emphatically that nothing that does not come of the State or its media and institutions, that is, if it is official, it is in no way credible by absolutely anyone, even if you carry the reality of the facts on a platter up to your nose _ if it is not official it is not to be trusted, the barbarity and the purest reality that the State has become at least in Spain during the 20th century and specifically since the beginning of the dictatorship of General Franco, is the impossibility and inability for people to act or influence destiny of their own community and that they progress and become great with it, something that in the XXI century is totally inadmissible if not impossible to imagine.

The term management is wrongly used by most people in Spain when they talk about governments, they are not really aware that they are talking about the tricks and tricks of the political class based on the system that is the main cause that it does not exist This management because it is who allows this misappropriation, and not only that, it is that the system is made to work like this, and it was born like that, corrupt and from lies, that is why there is no management either. A regime of power where the intention is to make people believe that there is democracy, that there is politics, that individuals choose something at the polls, or that there is a constitution, when none of this is true, the only thing that can lead to and the The way that all this is carried out is through lies and corruption, there is no other way really, but not only material corruption, it is born, perpetuates and is maintained through moral corruption and betrayal of individuals, the lie is inevitably the protagonist not only in the political class, but also in civil society, where the good imitator of that corrupted political class is rewarded with fame or success, in Spain only the corrupt and the traitor triumph. Then, as we have been saying, a constant deceptive from the media and institutions is necessary to cloud the vision and confuse. For there to be management, the first thing that has to be political freedom, there has to be a prior decision or election of the governed society in something or someone, so that naturally it is that chosen one or that which has been chosen who manages what the people decide or what has to be managed. Therefore, there must be democracy, that is, a citizen representation through representatives in a chamber that expose what really has to be managed in civil society, since it is the representative, the one who is speaking for the represented with an imperative mandate before third parties where the represented is absent, the one who launches the proposals and the existential reality of the represented citizens so that solutions are sought regarding that reality, in the event that there is no representation we could no longer be talking about management, since it would no longer be a citizen reality that is exposed and has to be dealt with or found solutions, will be a plot, a plan or a ruse from the political class for their benefit but nothing else, there is nothing to manage in that case.

Therefore, there must be a direct representation of the citizens so that the management exists as a material and legal means for the task and the development of an existential and real matter exposed by those represented citizens to resolve the matter or area that is. In Spain there is no management because there is no democracy, it is very easy to understand; Let’s see an example, a representative, or attorney-in-fact, his action would be a management of the principal to carry out what in the power of attorney is signed by the corresponding notary, the management dictated by the principal of the signed matter would be carried out In politics and in governments, the word management means absolutely the same, since politics and the judicial world both come from law, it would function in the same way, as we have said previously, the people represented would be the principal and the representative as natural person elected directly by the neighbors who takes the management of the concerns and proposals that they have, making them present in a chamber of representatives or national assembly (in the photo a representation of the eighteenth century of an assembly of representatives in the English Parliament where debate public and non-state or state affairs), there if we can talk about management, because they are real existential proposals s and recognized in a contract by the citizens of a certain district and of different districts, naturally with different actions and proposals. In Spain there is no management because the power system or the voting system is representative of the citizen or of anything, that is, in Spain there is no democracy as a form of government, but rather a state of parties.

For this reason, when there is talk of mismanagement or that a government has or has not managed an issue, the language of words is being used incorrectly and the true reality is being completely confused, always with the objective of mental manipulation and Morality of the State towards the masses, who wanting to imitate that political class in some way, repeats like a parrot everything they say or do in order to appear before society an air of importance and a higher category than that of their peers.

You have to know how to differentiate between procedures or administration and management. A procedure is what a citizen must necessarily carry out to be legal in a state of law, they could also be legal documents, but they are necessary for the State so that that individual can flow in society as we have said legally, then it requires bureaucracy, of some requirements that the State asks for and is required for its normal functioning within that society, then the administration is in charge of these procedures, which is an organ of the State to carry out all that paperwork and bureaucracy that It is what the State itself needs so that its citizens function as the State itself wants, the administration is another organ of the State so that the citizen is and can be legal with the legal duties and rules in society. On the other hand, management is not the same, because management is a mechanism that requires a commission, not to fulfill some duties to comply with a legality, management is a commission, it is a functional contract through a legal document; In the previous example, the agent orders, the attorney-in-fact manages; In the administration, the state enforces the rules and records and legal requirements to citizens through a body of the same that is the administration, everything related to bureaucratic matters. We are always talking about management in political terms.

An existential reality that there can be no management is the absence of politics. As we have pointed out, in Spain there is no politics because there is consensus, an element applied by the political class in the years of the Spanish transaction, mistakenly called transition, which consists of the pact between former enemies, a medieval concept that is related to reconciliation. spiritual, in politics is for the first time applied in such terms. What causes consensus in politics itself? Politics being the struggle for power, if we apply a pact or a consensus between enemies of different ideas, we cancel that de facto struggle, there is no longer rivalry, it stops there will be a fight, and what will happen will inevitably be a distribution of goods or powers. The best example is the one we have in Spain called the Party State, which is the form of government established after the dictatorship of General Franco, where through the proportional system of lists and through the application of said consensus, it allows for a pact between the parties. political parties within the State that consists of a distribution of power in quotas depending on the votes captured by each party, that is, so that anyone can understand it and without the need for any label in case there is someone who wants to distance themselves from this reality, the Citizens have no place in making political decisions or in choosing anything or anyone since the system does not allow it, and they do not choose anything because it is not necessary, the power is already held by the parties, they stole it from the citizens in that pact that we previously talked about and where the rupture with the previous regime was prevented, where they also literally stole the freedom of the citizens and thus the ability to choose and decide in political matters.What do they do now with the inherited power since there was no rupture? Since there was a pact, distribute it as we are explaining, by means of a consensus between former enemies, thus avoiding that politics already there cannot exist and in its place there is, a competition between the different factions, state parties, to achieve fame, power and wealth. How will there be management if there is no possibility for the citizen to choose or decide who will have power, if the parties already have power? It is not necessary to be very intelligent to realize that nobody manages anything in Spain, no party or any means or institution, since everything belongs to the State, formed by an oligarchy based on political consensus, and where the distribution of the loot, the goods and the powers of the State do not depend on the election or decision of the citizen, the parties They are the ones who have the power by quotas, they only call for the participation of the citizen so that with more or less coercion they endorse and ratify what the state offers them, it is absolutely impossible that there is management of anything or anyone in the state of parties, a form of government totally opposed to democracy.


By HR Antonio, January 10, 2021

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