The towns, monuments, constructions, works of art and other places and creations of cultural and artistic interest, lost and forgotten in the state of parties; the disappearance of our cultural, historical and social legacy.





Of the creations and peoples lost and forgotten in the state of parties

To all those lost peoples, to the abandoned monuments and works, to those expressions of creativity from the past, to our historical, social and cultural legacy, to the old and ancient, to the seed of what we have left today. To the cracks of freedom of artistic expression that we hang on today, to the beautiful views and those that endure due to their resistance to time and events; to all the faces of our past, broken and worn bricks, drawings and paintings erased and distorted by the passage of time, to what today does not serve in profit, to what today goes unnoticed in the face of fashion and technological advance, to smell of archaic and past, corroded and forgotten; Well, it is the old of course, the father of the new, of what we eat today, of what today we can express ourselves and talk about what we are; tradition, culture, language, expression and legacy. To everything that does not interest in view of the ambition of power and aspiration to immunity from justice, to which nobody judges, nobody analyzes or even nobody notices it, it is simply given up or ignored and nothing else .

And it is true that generations, especially the last generations that are within our reach, today, pass in such a way that they forget and put aside everything that one day made the present time of those times beautiful and great. , and that they are the seed of our learning and also of everything that can affect us in what happens in our future, attention !, the past, is an irremediable future and necessarily. And the past is the unconditional reference to be able to make the leap to the future, especially if we refer to culture, customs, tradition and knowledge prior to current times.

It turns out that a people, which forgets and abandons its past, is a people, as its very expression declares, dead and abandoned. And is it that the immense and magnificent cultural, sociological and artistic legacy that the Spanish nation possesses has been cared for in Spain? In this article, as you will see, destined and dedicated to all the lost and forgotten legacy of our land, which is Spain, we will explain a topic that many may find discrepant and cause for discussion, but I want to refer to the facts, and say and show the truth, what anyone can see; It is true that the attempts and the struggle to want to keep certain gifts, monuments, works and even abandoned populations has been exemplary, even through cultural associations it has come to recover and revive works and projects of the past, but that does not mean that since the government and state institutions have done their job correctly and as the matter really deserves and requires, and that’s what I’m going for; In this case, not so much civil society could have most of the blame in the matter, but it is power and its incumbencies that give the real result that today any citizen of society can observe, and it is the loss of all our cultural and social history and our legacy as a nation from which every day is disappearing more and more and immediately, as I say, despite the attempts from councils and communities and associations, all of them organs of the State, whether or not they are concerned to recover or just keep what is left standing.

Not only is it not being paid the corresponding attention as a legacy of our past, but, as we have seen recently in some localities of our country, monuments and religious and artistic figures are being removed from the public thoroughfare, statues, crosses; such as the very recent issue of the Valley of the Fallen, a historical monument that directly represents the past of our nation, and that for political reasons is carrying out a sabotage as a historical monument that it is. It has nothing to do with what happened in our history so that today four can do politics about it, as an example I also put the withdrawal of names and other monuments or buildings that were or were part of the Franco dictatorship, one thing is politics and Another is our history that belongs to everyone and represents us all, this is not the people, it is the current state class that is in charge of reviving, more specifically the past president of the Zapatero government with the Historical Memory Law, which does not lead to anything else that the crucial confrontation again of society, a physical division of society for a reason that really does not concern or should concern anyone.

Not only is it not being paid the corresponding attention as a legacy of our past, but, as we have seen recently in some localities of our country, monuments and religious and artistic figures are being removed from the public thoroughfare, statues, crosses; such as the very recent issue of the Valley of the Fallen, a historical monument that directly represents the past of our nation, and that for political reasons is carrying out a sabotage as a historical monument that it is. It has nothing to do with what happened in our history so that today four can do politics about it, as an example I also put the withdrawal of names and other monuments or buildings that were or were part of the Franco dictatorship, one thing is politics and Another is our history that belongs to everyone and represents us all, this is not the people, it is the current state class that is in charge of reviving, more specifically the past president of the Zapatero government with the Historical Memory Law, which does not lead to anything else that the crucial confrontation again of society, a physical division of society for a reason that really does not concern or should concern anyone

What I intend in this article is not so much to say what is happening or what has happened over the last decades, than in the eyes of anyone, but rather the cause and the reason why what we see happens. and give a criterion and a simple and measured explanation, by virtue of the opinion of society, that really, and I am aware of it, wants what it has, but does not find the solution to the problem if we refer to the responsibility of the governmental system in charge of taking care of what belongs to the Spanish Nation; Let’s say that it is a broken cane that the Spanish people have as support to fix what in this article I want to announce that is the disappearance of the entire physical past in terms of works, towns and other monuments of cultural and artistic interest and of our legacy.

I am talking about abandoned villages, archaic constructions left by the hand of God, works and artistic works disappeared or damaged due to lack of care or maintenance, castles, walls, bridges, arches, fountains, pedestals, churches, monasteries, towers, town council houses and other buildings and structures of cultural and artistic interest that belong to the past, but that are directly linked to what we are and will be today.

Who cares today the disappearance of a 16th century building, or the abandonment of a town where all its inhabitants have already emigrated or died and there is no one residing in it; Who cares about that fallen and dislodged wall that with the passage of time and every day there is less of it in view of anyone; or that old arch, with an ugly and dilapidated aspect that is worthless and is a hindrance for a possible new construction of houses, does that sound familiar to anyone ?; or that Roman bridge, masterful in its conservation over time, of which no one pays the attention and publicity it deserves and that hides among grass, brambles and bushes between the bank of a river, all this to put some of the examples to mention the indifference of society to what it has in its presence today and that they have less and less given their inattention to the case. If this falls in countries where by their nature and history they have hardly anything to show, as is the case of England or countries of central or eastern Europe, where culture is not that it has been attended throughout history with too much eagerness, they would make a stupid stone an exciting place to visit and of general interest, even for foreigners, and it is the same culture and institutions that promote whether or not we pay attention to what remains of the past. 

Of the representation of the Nation


Let’s start by mentioning some of the causes that we can give to the disappearance of all that artistic and social legacy that belongs to the near and distant past of our history, and I want to start by talking and referring to a cause, perhaps the most relevant, that directly influences in the matter.
One of the causes of the decline and destruction of the public in Spain, as we have also commented in other articles and we will continue to develop in others, is the absence of political representation; As you already know and we have explained in other articles, and you can see in the book “The Fall of the 78 Regime” and the Conquest of Collective Political Freedom “, representation is a contract where someone absent is made present to third parties by means of a intermediary, the attorney-in-fact in the judicial world would be an example, because in politics, as it comes from the law as well as the judicial world, exactly the same thing happens. For the nation to be represented before the State, a representative system is needed, which currently, in Spain at least, there is not, so that all that society really concerns and worries it, is that representative elected in each district electoral by majorities, and if necessary in a double round, by all the residents of his district with the right to vote, whoever stands out exclusively for what is of concern in his district. It is this person, the district representative, who will stand up directly for his neighbors, and with an imperative mandate from them since it depends on a contract, before the government in the Executive in the State. It turns out that this man, having presented an electoral program and depending on a contract with the residents of the district, in case of not fulfilling that task or prevaricating, directly and without having to wait 4 years for the next elections, the district will have a substitute to replace him immediately, this happens when there is democracy, that is, in Spain there i

In Spain what happens, and this is where I want to focus, is that when a neighbor has a problem or concern in his public life, or wants to offer something, it happens that he has nowhere to turn; It is said of the mayors, the councils, the boards, but, have these institutions responded positively and effectively whenever they have been sued for a public matter? No, and I want to highlight a very important issue for make it clear to readers and what they are wrong, that the mayors, councils and boards of the autonomous communities currently established in Spain, belong directly to the State, that is, they are state institutions, which depend directly on the Executive, which depend directly and are ordered from the State, what does this mean? They do not represent the nation at all. It is true that in small towns, where all the neighbors are known to each other, the mayors may look more for their neighbors than for what state institutions are, but that does not mean that it is decisive at all, and I put The proof that, in some municipalities, what concerns the residents of that town are resolved earlier than in others.Why? state, this is not necessary for me to say it, we all know that.

Therefore, it is true that in some localities, different aspects of the public life of that specific locality have been maintained and even innovated, but what if we talk about those localities that year after year and elections after elections, have believed in the electoral programs of their mayors and councils, and they have never been listened to? Only 15 days before and during the pre-electoral period they have been attended, for the interest and convenience of the fact, which is what only matters to the state class, participation in the polls, and after all this process has passed, everything promised has been blown away by the wind, I think we all know what I’m talking about. If you do not answer for the most essential and necessary, we do not expect that you will pay even a penny for the artistic and the cultural.

Precisely the absence of representation, we can say that it is the most relevant and important cause to cause most of the towns and other monuments of interest to have or are disappearing. Since in Spain there is no representation because the deputies do not represent the people at all, not even their party, They represent the one who put them there and they are due to him directly and with an imperative mandate, let’s say they are salaried employees of the party chief, and with public money, moreover, they cannot represent the people or the citizens because no one elected them or nobody knows how they got there. To think that these deputies can represent real and existential public concerns is to deceive oneself and label oneself in an absurd way, since such representation is not possible, and the system of form of government that exists in Spain is NOT representative of anything or of no one. What happens? It is impossible for someone who is not due to the people directly to hear from the metropolis, not to the citizen of this, but even more, to that citizen who lives in a town far from it, I mean towns from the Castilian steppe, for example, Extremadura, or from the mountains.

It is only, and to this day, political representation, the only way and means as a tool of the people, so that they are heard in the State, that is, in the government, through the National Assembly or Chamber of Representatives, which belong to to the legislative, that is, to the Nation. Thus, it is not only the public attention to needs and concerns in other areas of society that a district representative has as its objective, it also refers to what we want to address in this article, which are those towns, monuments and artistic creations. of cultural interest, which are not as well attended or cared for as it should be.

“In the state of parties, as in Buridan’s ass, there is no possibility of choosing between equal heaps of oats. List urns are mangers for mules “

(Antonio García Trevijano)


From the history of the Spanish nation


Spain is a nation with an immense cultural history as well as millenary traditions, the fact is, as we have been developing throughout this article, that since the society is not represented by anyone before the State, because the political parties have stolen that freedom of election and revocation of their rulers, also the usurpation of the rights that belong to society, which through consensus share the power of the State.

Evolution, the natural adaptation of traditions and customs and the maintenance of our social and historical legacy, does not have the possibility then of being expressed, nor even taken into account or defended in the political sphere, since the majority of society it is on the fringes of the struggle based on the corruption of power, money, fame and office, which only takes place within the state between the factions of the state (the parties) and the members of the state class.

As the parties do not belong to civil society and reside in the State, being permanent organs of the State, they have disassociated themselves from civil society and it happens that they completely reject being what by their nature should be, nothing more, than the bridge of union between the State and the individuals of society, what happens is that they have become a single and uncontrolled power that is the State. For this reason, no party, whatever it preaches, no one will take anything forward that society entrusts to it, since it does not represent it.

I want to make clear an issue that I believe is of great concern to the Spanish people, and, above all, if what you want is that the rulers listen to us and have to dedicate themselves to what is ours, that is, to the nation, and that is Without democracy, no matter how much you vote, no matter how much you change faction in the ballot box or new ones come, there will still be no democracy.

Because for there to be democracy, there must first be a prior conquest of Political Freedom, which is the one that is based and founded on all those traditions, culture and language of the people, and is the permanent tool after its conquest to found and create all the institutions and constitutive rules of the game, which is the constitution of the people, which is born in the exercise of citizens of their Political Freedom. Democracy are not ideologies or traditional topics that the party propaganda itself, in an effort to ignore the people of it, has told us, democracy is the pure rules of the game that constitute the game itself and that constitute the power and structure of Power, that is, who commands and how the rulers are chosen, refers only and exclusively to power. It is so simple to give cause to the consequences of the effects of the party state in Spain in terms of the cultural and historical habit of our land, that the only cause of all those neglected damage and abandonment of towns, monuments and other places of interest cultural and artistic are lost, it is because there is no democracy, and thus, those who vote never elect their rulers nor is it the voter who decides and cannot change absolutely anything in the public sphere. Because the fact that there is democracy leads to direct representation between the governed and the governor and through the exercise of political freedom, which is absent today, to be able to show one’s face in any public sphere of society before the State.

Hoy in Spain we are being spectators of the systematic destruction of our past, of our cultural and social legacy, what should really be destined, money and professional attention, to what we indicate here is the culture and the lost or abandoned populations, we do not know destined, because all that commitment goes on the other side, positions, charges, robberies and looting of public money and a thousand matters that we do not even know; Spain is not on the verge of bankruptcy, Spain is bankrupt, broken, in the process of disintegration, as a society and as a country, not only in the economic sphere, which would be something secondary and rectifiable, it is the morale of the Nation that is collapsed completely. As long as the governed society wants to continue imitating the governing society, attending to the ideology of social democracy, the number one factor in the mental, moral and cultural destruction of the entire society, not only in Spain, but also in Europe, it will not get out of this abyss. of immorality and corruption in the public sphere in which she is involved; lies, embezzlement, prevarication, imposture, are the main means for this regime of 78 ”to move forward. It is the Spanish society, which outside of what the law governs, launches itself to the conquest of its Political Freedom, which will be the guardian of our past, present and future, through citizen responsibility and its real representation in a democracy as a form of government, will defend itself and will demand accounts before the State.

I want to highlight and add to finish this article, especially to thank the photographers Ricardo Skywalker and Luis Miguel González Carromero because from them we have been able to recover some of the photos on display. The truth is that, it is sad that what we point out here nobody talks about it, about this immense loss of culture and customs, of historical legacy, of a source of teaching and learning, you, the readers of this website, will not hear it in no media, no state institution, be it colleges, universities or schools, much less radio, television and press. That is why here, and fulfilling as it is honor to political Freedom and the truth, at least, we try to develop the causes of why? What we see happens, in order to remove indignation from our lives, which is not valid for political action or to change anything, since no one is indignant at what they know, although some do, and know and expose the causes of those counterproductive effects in the public sphere to become free citizens and have the power and ability to change what hurts us, without knowing the cause of the problem, the problem will remain until the same cause is recognized.

“The denationalization of Spain and the corruption of the State of parties are inscribed in that veto of the Constitution to the true Political Freedom of the citizens, and in that license granted to the State to modify at will the national base and the historical fact of Spain . Compared with that incalculable damage, the damages of corruption are negligible ”.(Antonio García Trevijano).


Of the peoples and the renewing spirit


Now to finish this article, and making reference to all those peoples and artistic creations of our past, abandoned and left in oblivion, I am going to leave a reflection based on a thought of the jurist and thinker Antonio García Trevijano, in which I want to expose , something in which I always agreed, and it is the nature of the ethics and the culture and the tradition of a people; when we talk about customs and traditions, we naturally have to take a walk through the villages, through rural areas, roads, mountains, farms and villages, where the artificial contamination of coexistence and the deafening rhythm of the big city has not arrived, because I consider that it is there where nature still lends common sense the greatest of the values, which is the spirit and natural morality of the human being, of simplicity and good sense, of a healthy life as he said.

The true regeneration of ethics and culture cannot come from the state political parties, which are organs of the State and live by and for the State; In Spain, born and founded on treason and lying with their backs to the people and civil society, they themselves became permanent organs of the State and agreed to be financed by it, in fact, there is no element in Spain or in Europe that it is not a state organ, an organ of authority, that is, of what citizens have to protect ourselves against. It is people’s fear of parties and institutions, both radio and television and the press, as well as colleges, schools and universities; all of them entertainers and collaborators of this fiction, aimed at the money cart, of lies and permanent corruption, above all, of wanting to appear and pretend what is not, like talking about the constitution, democracy and freedom, not only in Spain, in all of Europe. 

This is where I want to influence and emphasize more, so that the reader at least understands it in a much closer and easier way, I refer to the distribution of positions, positions, roles, powers and money, plugs and conveniences, interests and prevarication, that with the excuse of political consensus, in all the councils and boards of the ridiculous and useless autonomies, we are spectators who suffer day by day the degeneration of our culture and legacy, apart from other matters of public life, nobody talks about This, nobody talks about how the powers and the taxpayer’s money are administered, nobody says absolutely nothing, I will say it here, corruption, lies, embezzlement and prevarication, and it is in those values ​​that our past is lost and lost, our culture and our legacy, and whoever wants to, from this website Political freedom to contact me and discuss it with me, if they are capable and have something to say about it, and that is that there is no one who can argue with me that the administration of power and wealth in Spanish society is corrupt and rotten.

It is in the towns where the contamination of the spirit is not as high as in the big city, perhaps nonexistent, where there is healthy life. It is the consumption of confused political propaganda and damaged political merchandise that keeps the minds of the population in a legal confusion and distortion of public reality, especially in the metropolis. Nothing related to politics after World War II has to do with culture or truth in the power struggle, that is, in politics.

You cannot regenerate cultural and political life, that is, that which concerns us all, through the state political parties, because it is always known through the best philosophers and all the studies and research on all this matter. philosophy, since Kant, that the sources of morality are only in society, in the people, outside of civil society there are no sources of morality, that is, if the parties have moved away from civil society becoming Organs of the State and usurping the power of the State, have departed from these sources of morality and it is normal that they are corrupt and their nature is that of lies and permanent prevarication.

Naturally, civil society is not homogeneous, and civil value loses its regenerative rigor, where the modes of civilization are more artificial and improvised, they move away from the natural modes imposed by the rhythms of nature in the countryside, something that Those people who still live in smaller towns, towns and rural areas, far from the great metropolis, and continue to be dominated by natural rhythms, it is there that we must seek the recovery of common sense and good sense because it is in those lands where that natural rhythm has not been lost. It is not in large cities where we can find that common sense, artificial places and more directly influenced by the state of parties. The love of the natural, the simple, the nature, conscious and unconscious, frees the person and their spirit from that moral corruption, that is, there in the towns and rural spaces is where common sense is, the blood of the nation, the lung of the country, the backbone of a society and the spirit of the people.

It is the matter so clear and simple for those who do not want to be deceived, and who wish in good faith, that they cannot There must be common sense within the spirit of the Party State or in any State institution or organ that is governed under this form of partitocratic government, since these have moved away from the heart of civil society accepting to belong to the State and be financed by the con citizens’ money.

Common sense tells us that we have false elections and the permanent renewal of state elements that are political parties, to lead from the state and dominate civil society; It is not fair, it is not normal, it is not legitimate and it is brutality to accept something that does not represent and does not look out for the Nation and has departed from it, as are and are all state institutions without exception.

There is no free culture, everything is redirected.


HR Antonio, April 28, 2021.


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