While many tell us and we hear those legends and myths of the times of the Spanish transition, such as that the politicians, in the transition, reached an agreement and did so in order to avoid a greater evil such as a new civil war, the “alphabet soup” that Carrillo used to say or the famous “saber rattling”, that they did the best that could be done and that today it is preferable to continue like this because it is clear that something else would be a disaster, Spain today is in one of its worst moments since the civil war. The famous phrase of “what was done was done” is a fallacy and demagoguery that the Spanish have swallowed for decades and with great pleasure, to calm their minds of a great deception, and it is that what could be done is worth and is credible when what should have been was not possible, but here it happens that what should have been done was not done through lies and corruption and will be lies and corruption until the right thing is done, that is, Spain remains 42 years later in a great lie that was born in times of hope and opportunity. The decadence and disaster of an entire society is basically summed up in those times of hope for the Spanish people, where the democratic rupture, the rupture with the Franco regime and the dictatorship was breathed in society. Everything we have today is a consequence of those pacts and plots perpetrated by the political class of the moment.

They say, camouflaging the truth, that it went to “a democracy with many failures”, that it was not the perfect democracy, that it had to be reformed as events progressed, every excuse was valid and served, and still serves, to cover those plots and pacts , to hide reality from the Spanish people, a reality that can be demonstrated through irrefutable documents and facts that today can and will be brought to the light of anyone who does not deny knowing that we were 42 years, and what remains, deceived and subjected not in a dictatorship but if in something much worse than the Party State, because if the dictatorship was a mistake, this is a labyrinth where confusion and ignorance in politics is abysmal, with which there is produced, and on a large scale also, a number Huge of outraged with the effects that the party state produces, which is coincidentally the food of the beasts of the state, the state parties.

The infinite statements made by Antonio García-Trevijano, one of the main protagonists of this constituent process in Spain in those days, can undoubtedly clarify many doubts that today remain in the minds of Spanish citizens, and that there are those who look to another side since his pride refuses to accept the truth and see it as it really was, because there is only one truth, whoever does not like to hear the truth will be because he has been believing that a great lie was the truth in his life, that is why there is people who refuse to accept and see the true cause of the debacle and decadence of Spanish society and because there is neither political freedom nor democracy. A dispassionate and objective examination can lead us to see much of what really happened in those times, without ideologies or closure, we must do an exercise in conscience to restart our brain and re-understand what happened there and why what happened. Even reading the press dispassionately then, you can see for yourself. When the main protagonist Antonio García Trevijano, creator and founder of the Democratic Board and of the Platajunta, leader of the opposition in the end of Franco’s power, tells us that Santiago Carrillo wanted there to be a danger of war if they continued on the path of the rupture and Political Freedom, in order to be able to make a pact with the Francoist power by excusing themselves in the “noise of sabers”, are facts that very few notice and that Antonio García Trevijano tells as if it were today. All those who believe and are known to know what happened in those years to defend what was done and to cover that pride of looking the other way with the truth in their noses by closure and not wanting to accept it, which is what continues today and that they are unable to describe, they not only seek to convince themselves of the danger of an armed conflict then, but they also do it now, yes, what they talk about today about civil war and other nonsense that they do not know what they say, ridiculous at least since that today there is no opposition to the established power, not being the nation that rises peacefully to vindicate itself, as we can see, as happened with Franco, 2/3 voted what there was, today exactly the same happens unlike with Franco had only one single party and today there are several sharing the power of the dictator, the same one that he took in victory after the civil war, distributed in quotas in proportion to the votes captured.

The solution to move from dictatorship to democracy was offered by Franco’s heirs who betrayed the principles of the Movement, see Fraga or see Suarez a la falange. A part of Franco’s politicians refused to betray on July 18, see Blas Piñar and Fuerza Nueva among other generals and great leaders and others such as Fraga, Suarez or the Christian Democrats clearly bet on the pure opportunism of reform and political consensus with the ancient enemies of war. Suárez was the one who offered socialists, communists, separatists and others without importance, the distribution of the State in an exaggerated way, for example with Autonomies and with rules that allowed the fight between them but without ever losing power and without the The people could never decide anything in politics, that is, they elect the deputies and never the people, the people also do not elect the president of the government directly, a model of form of government where public opinion is marginalized at all. A great mass of the people, out of hope believed in freedom, they all knew that the alternative to that pact was not war, it was democracy, it was the break with Francoism, collective political freedom. A period of Constituent Freedom was sought where forms of state and government and some deputies were elected as constituent courts to draft a constitution that separated the legislative and executive powers. Illegal opposition parties were continually raising the possibility of negotiating with Franco’s heirs, an example is the PSOE, led by Felipe González, who is protected by Franco’s state forces and under the name of Isidoro (on the way to Suresnes, France), camouflages himself before the people, pretending to be a socialist, but always aware of the Francoist thread and protected by such. As an excuse, they said that the opposition did not propose things as good as the current government, handpicked and appointed by the King Emeritus, the Suarez government, and that Suárez offered nothing less than imminent elections and a subsequent Constitution. That those in power were organizing themselves and had the propaganda apparatus and that the opposition could not be left behind, in short, they wanted and had the clear intention of joining the bandwagon of reform and opportunism to come to power. It is time for the truth to come to light in Spain.


But Antonio García-Trevijano knew perfectly well that joining them was a scandal and that it was the Spanish who should mediate and decide all this. The response to the government should be one, that is, that of the entire opposition that he was in charge of gathering and organizing. And it had to be firm against the plan to impose a monarchical regime of state parties that the Government had initiated. What we have today is the degeneration of the triumph of that betrayal. Something that is only understood knowing that everything is completely false.


Plan first designed and prepared naming Franco the King, naming a monarchy that naturally no cumple con el requisito fundamental que tienen las monarquías por su carácter hereditario, además de la desconocida y descarada traición del rey Emérito a su padre, Don Juan, aceptando dicha monarquía de Franco en contar de las intenciones de éste de no aceptar una monarquía sin honor. Es curiosamente García Trevijano, el que va a Estoril, donde en ese momento estaba en él existió Don Juan, que le pide que redacte una carta a Franco y a su hijo Don Juan Carlos, para que no acepte la monarquía de Franco. Este, el Rey Emérito, rechaza y traiciona la petición de su padre aceptando una monarquía legal, pero ilegítima.

This is how the monarchy that we have today is forged and where it comes from, a monarchy set up and designed by a dictator and that the people were left without the possibility of any referendum of decision. And then not only that, it is King Emeritus who chooses and makes a former Falangist president of the government, that is Suarez (see the photo), also without voice or vote from anyone. Let’s see then that things are not that they cannot be done in another way, it is that they were done that way by pure plan and plot already prepared, well, we continue with the lie.


The pact, the political consensus, how is what we have today forged and created? We have already counted some of the signs and events that occurred at that time, superficially but that can be used to guide us on how the situation occurs. We have, the established power, the Francoists, the opposition, the democratic board of Trevijano and the Platajunta, a king hand-picked by the dictator, part of that opposition with the intention of pact with the established power, that is the PSOE, a submerged town in a godless but with airs of hope of rupture and desire for freedom, then, at that moment lies, betrayal, pact, the famous political consensus, which consists of reconciliation, concord, barter, of former enemies of a war and dictatorship recently passed to distribute the power of the State behind the backs of the people, how?, in the following way; (In the photo we have the protagonists of the political consensus on which the oligarchy that exists within the State is founded and that lasts until today to constitute the Party State Regime).

We have all learned that we have a constitution, that in Spain there is a democracy, that many said that it had cost us so much, do you remember? It is not true, the ignorant people in the process of change, because there is no free information that is one of the the requirements of a period of change or constitutional freedom, it is believed that a constitution is chosen by plebiscite and not by referendum and that simply legislators acting only dand that, of legislators, and that they can write a constitution like that without further ado, that is not true, for that to happen, for a constitution to be written, the first thing a people must do is break with the established power, it is that is to say, the frank power that until then was still in force, and that continues today and until there is a break with it; After having broken with him, entering a period of constitutional freedom and there yes, electing forms of state and government in a referendum, that did not happen in Spain, we are going badly, some deputies were elected for the legislature with Suarez but these did not They have the ability to write a constitution, to write a constitution, the people must elect a deputies to the constituent courts so that they dedicate themselves to the study and development of a constitution with the sole purpose of separating the Legislative and Executive powers, that in Spain did not happen either, we are going very badly, that is, nothing that should have been done and that could have been perfectly done, as we are saying, a plot and a lie behind the back of the people, because what was done was a simple plebiscite to ratify or endorse what others had previously decided.

The pact, which consists mainly of the immorality of all the participants, betraying their principles and accepting a pact between opposing ideas, ceasing to be what it was to be together in what nobody is, a pact based on the betrayal of its own principles This is the foundation of the consensus, nothing more, the betrayal of what one is to be something that nobody is within that pact, and which consists of the distribution of the powers of the state in quotas, how? in proportion to the votes captured.

A horror in politics, consensus, a moral transgression of principles, since no one ever applied it before to politics, this term of consensus, which comes from the clerical world, and has nothing to do with politics or politics. democracy, because democracy is naturally majorities. Given that politics is one’s own tough struggle for power, dissent, a primitive concept easy to understand by anyone, in Spain, politics, although some or most are unaware of it, does not exist.


A Granted letter, an unknown or unusual concept, since what we have we call it and we have been wrongly taught to call it a constitution, well, it is not a constitution, it is a granted letter, because unlike a constitution this is also a document But it does not fulfill the main function of a constitution, which is to separate the legislative and executive powers, that is, the nation from the state, and also does not come from a constituent power as happens in a constitution but rather from a power already constituted. That is why in Spain there is no constitution, what exists in its place is a reform of the laws of the Francoist kingdom, and with that we have been pulling until today, unlike frankly that there is no single party and If a state of various parties and where individual freedoms and rights were granted and authorized that did not exist with the dictator but are not guaranteed in any way and that just as they were given to us, today they can be taken away as we can see in recent times . In short and ending this short article on a momentous period in our history in Spain, we continue with the same vertical and authoritarian structure as Franco, the executive is the first and is the one who appoints the legislature and the judiciary. In Spain there is no democracy and there is no constitution, in Spain a state of parties was perpetrated, a plan that was carried out through lies and the betrayal of the opposition parties to come to power.

HR Antonio, February 2, 2021.

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