About cowardice.

Since politics is based specifically and mainly on power relations between the governed and the governors, in this section of the first chapter on the lost society, we are going to try to address a somewhat delicate issue such as the cowardice of Spanish society, that they do not want to accept that they live in a lie and that they participate in it, and to put cause to what happens, they either have to look the other way out of shame to accept their sad reality and their personal failure in public, or else world governments and hidden powers have to be invented that no one can see or explain, it is something like the ancient divine providence that existed in the Middle Ages to believe that power came from God and was granted by God, as was done in times of the dictatorship General Franco when he spoke of conspiracies. This happened when the kings and other powerful people of the time were named, then there was no dispute about anything else, it was accepted like that in any way, this changed when the peoples discovered that Freedom in the singular and they see that it is real and achievable, that it has nothing to do with the enjoyment of natural assets such as wealth, money or capital, and that it is something that is directly related to the political and public, that is, what concerns the people.

I therefore believe that anyone with normal intelligence and who thinks fully, with good faith, can and has the ability to understand something when that something is only the truth. You do not need to be gifted or enlightened to understand something that any educated or knowledgeable person can explain with simplicity and simplicity.
Anyone in Spain is capable of listening and understanding and can see, another thing is that you want to look the other way because you do not have the courage to accept that you participate in a fraud and a lie, it is the courage and personal courage and To better point out what I am talking about here, we must talk about cowardice, fear, the fear of personally accepting what happens, and one of the consequences of this is evasion, indifference and the intention and the fact of wanting to pass unnoticed of what is in front of us and that anyone can see. The fact is not to speak of the truth ever, so as not to get involved in the brown that is to recognize the farce in which we live every day, also by this I mean by looking the other way, at pride, but not positive pride, which is something wonderful and extraordinary in the person, I speak of the pride of deceiving oneself in order not to see the truth, what is in view of all and we do not want to see because it would put us in the greatest of ridicules and shame as individuals of a society. I am going to give a great example of involvement that all of you will understand, voting for already corrupt thieves, does that sound familiar? It is a clear example of participation in what there is, in fact, it is a ratification, that is to say that what is intended When you vote, nothing changes and everything remains the same or worse, that you agree with what has been established and that is why you avoid understanding all these issues and what it means to accept your involvement in them.

Everything that means understanding all this, the reality in which people in Spain live, means knowing that we are being deceived, assuming individual and personal responsibility, assuming responsibility as a citizen and stop depending on what mark and dictate the State or the regime of power that is established, it supposes to take oneself and own their own behavior and stop living under the tutelage of anyone waiting for orders and how we should walk and where, and that is that Freedom in the singular requires and requires a personal responsibility of each individual such that everything that happens after practicing the exercise of the same freedom that is the election or revocation of their rulers, the consequences will be the real result of morality and the intention of that society, and those are major words for a people who have never yet known what it is to be free.

Most of the people have settled down, they live in a cloud that consists of accepting everything that the State dictates, they do not know how to act properly as a society, they have recognized the officiality of the State as a way of life and that means that the concept of The nation has been marginalized and useless, and that everything we see is typical of what the State dictates and never of what the people can think or decide, simply the Spanish people live or subsist with what is granted to them from above. Hay una realidad de fracaso en el individuo español constante y perpetua especialmente en el ámbito público, a no ser que seas un corrupto, un mentiroso o un traidor, que son ese tipo de personas que triunfan en una sociedad como la española basada en la mentira y la corrupción.

That is one of the reasons why the Spanish people are reluctant to tell the truth or to know about it, always with relativistic excuses and subjectivism to accept the realities of Perogrullo. Lies are the daily bread, mistrust between neighbors is betrayal and embezzlement, the basis of coexistence of Spanish society, which lives in a regime legitimized by the victory of General Franco in the Civil War. Spanish society has learned to live after several decades in lies, that is why it is a scared and cowardly society, it is not interested in the public, it does not want to know anything about politics, it is scared to decide, it scares them to participate and tell the truth and it is Due to the great responsibility that this implies, it is a people that today does not deserve their political Freedom because they do not want to conquer it, they prefer to be servants of power. Something that is cruel and sad is that a society deceives itself and its future generations, who in the future will pay for the gap of cowardice that current generations have and contain. 

A society like the Spanish one, full of confused thoughts, coming from beliefs and topics of a long period of mental repression, lies and manipulations, is a wrong, childish and cowardly society, without criteria, full of relativism and subjectivism, in the absence of individual and collective criteria, in no way can it be a happy society, it is tied to its closure and ideological fanaticism, to its romanticism of life models that currently, as a result of not having Collective Political Freedom, is a ridiculous mental and absurd fiction as far as Less because such ideologies do not exist since there is no Political Freedom, nothing happens, it is the State that makes the decisions and not the people, you can think as you want and as much as you want, you do not choose absolutely anything in the political nor can you change nothing. A lost society. 

That we prefer it that way, there is no doubt, we prefer to be slaves, serfs, there is no responsibility of free citizens, that is another galaxy for the Spanish, we prefer to crawl and have our dirty diapers changed, of course, with the system we have and the institutions that exist where the blood of the same is the corruption and embezzlement of everything and everyone, no one comes to change our diapers and fewer and fewer come, and what happens? We are eating our own accumulated filth and waste We have been in the party state for 40 years now, and we like it, because we continue to vote every 4 years in the ballot box, without thinking, without any criteria, we only see colors and identify with them, but never looking to see if thieves and corrupt people are voted , when the normal thing and what corresponds and has common sense in Spain is not to vote for anyone just for dignity.

It is something that we can agree that it is not easy to accept so many years of being participants in the corruption of the State, but it will be worse to maintain and continue to live with and with them, no matter how big the brick to swallow. There are no more excuses, Spanish society has no excuses to corroborate this barbarism, when we have seen and experienced the misuse and abuse of politics in our own flesh and we live it day by day. It is not possible for anyone to lift a finger. It turns out that, naturally, Spanish society will have to pay, because it is logical that after several generations have been ratifying and endorsing thieves it will have its repercussions, that moral rottenness as a society has to bear fruit in no time and not exactly ending in a raft of oil. .. And, as the American comedian and journalist Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by the pseudonym Mark Twain, said; “It is easier to fool people than to make them believe they have been fooled.”

Spanish society is going to bleed a lot, and today we are seeing that yes, that is true, that in Spain you no longer live, you survive, unless you are an opportunist that it suits you that everything remains corrupt and nothing changes for personal interests; It is personal fear, a fear complex in the public realm, of not having the courage or the criteria to put a stop and an end to this crap in which the Spanish people are immersed and accept that we have been deceived for 42 years and now, any person who is not blind and without being a scholar, in good faith, can describe the existential social and political state in the front line of cinema, and yet we continue with democracy in our mouths, talking about the constitution, admired by a monarchy and for a king corrupt to the core and illegitimate institution, without any honor, but can you be more scoundrel ?. Because it is no longer about being a monarchist or being a republican, nor is it about being left or right, it is about caring for future generations and being worthy, of being a person at least. Even thinking about going to vote in the next elections? How much garbage and corruption do we need to see in order not to continue communing in this regime? There is no other name or justification whatsoever for voting for this, I don’t care which party or faction we talk about And the day will come that the voter in Spain will have to go to the ballot box secretly because his face will not fall ashamed that his neighbors see him go to vote.

(In the image, somewhere in eighteenth-century Europe illustrates the politics of fear.) There are many years of dictatorship and party state, everything takes a process when talking about revolution, and naturally and by force majeure the Spanish people will desist from supporting the tyranny and the abuse and misuse of power, because the regime of 78 2 newscasts remain and it is explained by the impudence that we can all see in terms of corruption and looting of money and subjugation of society. Spain, unfortunately, will bleed, and will bleed a lot because of its closure and fanaticism, and above all, one of the factors that will lengthen the suffering of Spanish society is innate wisdom, the Spanish knows everything, and knows nothing, and It is like that, fanaticism and pride, the pride of not seeing or wanting to see, of closing in on the band, as the American philosopher Humboldt said; _the doors of the mind open from within_, and that is, who if not oneself is going to understand what is in front of him and describe what makes him suffer, because only a stupid or a masochist would be martyred without attending to the causes of pain . Unless it happens as it happens to many people in Spain, that in order not to accept the weight of reality, they have to invent stories or beliefs and compositions of their own place, in order to understand more comfortably what really happens, and that is the true hypocrisy and cowardice that eats away at the Spanish people and society, not only publicly but also personally, because that is how they have learned to live and coexist during so many decades of submission and moral and mental oppression. So with this we can say that everything is a lie, both what is believed and what is lived.

It is a reality that there is great cowardice of the Spanish people, who, self-conscious of looking at the new, the change, the unknown, to approach new horizons, with a clean cut, which can only happen after a period of Constituent Freedom after a conquest. , and not just any conquest, but the conquest of Collective Political Freedom, and after a true revolution, because if there were not a real change, it does not dare to take the step, the step to withdraw from the undesirable, from ignominy, of barbarism and totalitarianism, of withdrawing from servitude, and the fact is that the Spanish people continue to bear the effects of that voluntary servitude at the polls, endorsing the system that submits them and does not let them choose anything, there are many years of servitude and slavery that the State has subjected to the Nation since the end of the 1930s in Spain, after many decades of confusion, believing that after Franco’s death came democracy and Freedom, and that is what they sold us and that swallows us we. Today is the time to see and open our eyes now, and with courage and dignity, be honest and admit that yes, we have been deceived for 42 years, that we have enough evidence and not from these two or three years ago, because we have had corruption to every moment and every hour from the king to the last councilor, and we have continued to vote and ratify it with all our pride, now it’s time to pay for that closure and stupid fanaticism of ideas that, in addition to being fictitious, since there can be no ideas there is consensus and there is no political freedom and consensus prevents free thought, and I recognize that it is a brick that must be swallowed, but it is our truth, if we look the other way, we are cowards, and if we believe that we know everything we are some naive; Courage, dignity and honesty, will save the Spanish Nation from the jaws of the State, which for almost a century has subjected this society to moral, mental and economic slavery, and the people endorsing it, and these will be the values ​​as a standard of the way. to the conquest of Collective Political Freedom that currently does not exist in Spain.

I therefore call all Spaniards, readers of this website and also all those who read my writings or that said writings come to the attention of …, to the collective conscience, for a change, peacefully and civilly of our political institutions, I call to a revolution, without fear and with honesty, for a change not of parties or people but of the system, a change of the current party regime, because I consider after having verified countless times that the current system has never guaranteed a formal stability or lasting to the Spanish people, because corruption has been a factor of government from day one, because we do not have guaranteed rights and freedoms because there is no political freedom, because there is no constitution because there is no separation of the Legislative and Executive powers and what there is is a letter granted that comes from an already constituted power that is the power of the dictator Franco, because there is no democracy and the people are not represented by anything or by anyone, because we do not choose anything at the polls and power does not depend on the voters, which is not controlled, for all this, among other things, the Spanish people must do an internal examination of themselves and look for a change in their conscience and its morals and throw away what we have had until today in the trash to learn to live in freedom as a people and society, because it is necessary and urgent given the existential state and social crisis at this time that can only derive and end in the destruction of the Spanish people as a nation and the abysmal and uncontrolled impoverishment of it, leading us to a dependency, as we already are, on the European oligarchies and the international market.

For all this and out of moral responsibility I fight and will fight for a period of Constituent Freedom for the Spanish people and a change through a peaceful revolution based on the culture and awareness of Collective Political Freedom and democracy. 

HR Antonio, February 27, 2021.

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