One of the most important concepts for political freedom to be understood and for democracy to be democracy is the single-member election of the district deputy, something totally unknown in Spain.
It is so unknown that there are people who believe that political parties represent them, that is how deceived and misinformed citizens are in Spain, and not only that, but partisan propaganda incorrectly uses language by manipulating the terms and using the word representation when in Spain that term does not exist nor has it ever existed in the political sphere.

Neither the proportional list voting system nor the form of government that is the Party State, can or does not allow us to represent anything or anyone, so when you hear that a political party represents us, it is not true, it cannot It is simple partisan propaganda, in Spain there is no representation or election of district deputies, that is another level. For there to be political representation, there must be a contract, the represented subject, in this case the citizens of the electoral district and the attorney-in-fact or representative who is the district representative and deputy.

Little do people, individuals in Spain, pay attention to the true causes of the misuse of politics or the abuse of it and of the embezzlement and corruption in the State of parties that we have been living and contemplating day by day in our country for a long time. already 42 years. Due to ideology or stubbornness, it is believed or thought that the political class, that is, the political parties, unions and employers, are the elements that represent us in the political, economic and labor sphere, without anyone noticing that all these are factions or permanent organs of the State, they belong and are part of it and that they are not representatives of anyone since one can only be a representative of the person who pays or finances them, in the case of these elements it is the State who will be in charge, and also by law, of maintaining the all its factions that it conforms financed with taxpayer money, which is fascism and at least totalitarian because they accept to be bought by the legal element of the Nation, leaving this, the Nation, abandoned and without a bridge of connection between the State and society.

As we already know and anyone who knows a little about politics or has been informed correctly, for there to be formal democracy, as a rule of the game, two fundamental requirements must be met, one is the Political Representation, which this article deals with, and Another is the main cause of systemic and systematic corruption, which is the absence of Separation of powers, Legislative and Executive, in order to separate the Nation from the State, but always leaving a bridge between the two, which is what it must do. exist a political party, be anchored and perpetual in civil society as a result of freedom of association in order to represent citizens in the state that governs.

One of the causes of the decline and destruction of the public in Spain is the lack of Political Representation, which consists of making someone or something present where it is absent, as in politics as in the legal world happens with a empowered when speaking for its owner or principal when he is not present, exactly the same thing happens in politics, since both legal and political spheres come from the law, the nation needs to be represented by someone who directly and with imperative mandate, that speaks and stands up for individuals and their concerns and concerns where they cannot be before third parties, that is, in congress or parliament.

Countries such as France, England, Switzerland, or the United States, have a representative system in their forms of government, that is to say, that the freedom of choice of individuals is real and exists and there is a principle of political freedom, since the majority and In some countries it is a double round, in England there is only one round and there is what is called “the Arrow paradox”, the uninominal election of the district deputy, where the candidates are presented to the calls regardless of whether they belong to political parties or not, or regardless of their ideology, where the citizens of each electoral district elect their representative. (In the photo we can see an example of a candidacy in an electoral district and several examples of a candidate for district representative). Once the first round has been made, in the event that there is no winner by an absolute majority, another round will be held with the two that have obtained the most votes in the first round, and now, with an absolute majority and giving all citizens the opportunity of the district again, avoiding in the second round the so-called Arrow paradox, so that the losers also have the opportunity to vote for the winner of the district deputy, thus it is considered that it is more democratic with the participation of all in the double turn case. As we have said, only in England is it done one round.

This system of election by electoral districts, carries with it the mere fact that there is political freedom for all, and thus, even the smallest idea or that has the least number of followers, will also be represented in the Assembly of district representatives, also called National Assembly, which is the place where the laws will be changed or modified, that is, it is the Nation that indirectly through the district representative that makes its own laws, which are coming out and through the force that accompanies them in said Assembly, will be the ones that take sides in what could be an Official Gazette of the Nation, and not of the State as we see today in Spain, since the state only has the sole mission of executing those laws and governing, but never of legislating.

Candidates for district representative, natural persons, not parties or party lists.

It is so important that there is political representation of the citizen as well as that we will elect individuals, who will be responsible for their actions, and that, as in the case of voting state political parties, the ideas that this party preaches are voted on, and what It happens? That promises are never fulfilled. Why? There is a very simple reason to understand and that is that ideas are not responsible and people are.  


From top to bottom, the first is the electoral system of proportion of lists to state parties where nothing or no one is elected, and secondly, a representative electoral program with the uninominal election of people, of a district deputy.

The guarantee that a representative system gives is that, when the district representative does not comply with his pre-electoral program, he will be immediately revoked by his neighbors who have elected him, and I say elected, because the political freedom that a representative system gives is the responsibility that falls on each citizen of said election, and thus be consistent with it, in the case of political parties in Spain, there has never been any in 42 years that fulfilled what was promised in the electoral campaign, when a citizen wants To ask for an account of it has no where or to whom to turn, it is very easy, this is the reason for the decline of the entire society and that everything always goes for the worse, since there is no one to look for it but we do not have where to go to ask. accounts, just waiting for the next elections and having to believe again the electoral programs of the political parties, a whiting that bites its tail and never ends or gives direct solutions so not real. That man, if he does not comply, in a representative system, directly the next day he will be revoked from his position to change of a substitute to replace him until the following elections. So easy and as a measure of control to the political class, it would be to cut off anyone who does not respond to the concerns and needs of the citizens in their regions and districts. In other words, in a representative system, each citizen has the possibility to speak with his district deputy, by means of letter messages or even by making an appointment at his district office, where he will be able to present his concerns or thoughts to his representative and he will have to give face before the Executive and in the parliament on those concerns that the neighbors communicate to him, it would be that simple that, in a parliament the deputies each citizen in Spain can say who is the one who speaks for him and say that he knows him, it does not happen The same in a regime of power such as the one in Spain today, called the Party State, where no one knows the deputies or knows how they got there, since it is not the citizens who directly elect them but rather the party leader who puts them there, also with an imperative mandate and at the orders of the one who put them there, they obey orders and are paid employees, with taxpayer money and are put there to carry out the investiture of the Executive. A chain that some elect others and others some within the political class and the individual is totally excluded from any type of election and political decision.

That there is political freedom and that freedom of direct choice of your managers and politicians is to speak of another level, that is, that one chooses and decides, revokes and changes by virtue of whether or not the electoral programs are fulfilled. That there is representation of the citizen means that, any inconvenience and concern of any citizen of the district in the public sphere, will be directly attended by a natural person, attending of course to real and daily cases, then there will be a manager that promotes direct solutions to those neighborhood and district problems, whether it is the need in the health service, the care and establishment of a good public education system, the maintenance and repair of any monument or historic building in ruins, direct care for towns in a state of abandonment, the restoration of buildings, asphalt, streets and public areas in poor condition, attention to public institutions such as residences and colleges, institutes and universities; are some of the examples that a district deputy is in charge of managing for the proper functioning and above all to have public needs met. Having a representative system means that it is the people who decide on the business investment of their district, that it is only the representative paid by the voters to whom it is owed with imperative mandate and that no one else will finance it in search of business interests insurance companies or banks, that investments and payments are controlled by the individuals of the district directly because in order to negotiate, any company or company must negotiate with the representative and does not need the approval of any party chief as is the case today, that is why And in this way, it is the district that enforces its program and that the deputy or district representative does not serve anyone other than the interests of their neighbors and what they allow and nothing more than that.

In Spain, there is as a form of government a Party State or Partidocracia, vulgarly speaking, and according to the Court of Jurisprudence of Bonn, in 1956, it says that it is no longer intended, in the Party State, it is no longer intended to represent anyone Nor to anything, that the system is not representative but that the political parties are intended to be elements to integrate the masses in the State, it is replaced by being represented by feeling identified, which is the true current confusion of individuals in the State of parties when expressing their political ideas or thoughts.

In Spain there is no political representation, because the system is not representative, and the voting system of proportion of lists prevents the representation of individuals, no party or people of the political class is representative in the State of parties, simply individuals they are identified with the colors of the factions of the state, but they are not and cannot be represented. That the partisan propaganda of some factions of the State speaks of representation is a true lie, a true farce and betrayal of the voters, because no one or nothing in the Party State is representative of anything or anyone, they can only be representative of those who represent them. pays, in this case it is the State. Nothing can therefore function in a dignified and dignified way in the regime of 78 ‘, where lies are the number one protagonist of the circulation and functioning of the Regime, where betrayal is the mother of the lamb and systemic and systematic corruption, something normal and daily that the individual in Spain does not surprise or scare him since it is so routine and daily that the scandal would be that the corrupt entered and were in prison, thus and from the first minute at stake of this Regime of 78 “, Spanish society has grown to the tune of corruption and embezzlement, participating fully in it, first endorsing every four years at the polls, and second as a result of its acceptance and collaboration with the political consensus and the pact and betrayal of all state political parties within of the State. In Spain there is no political representation, there is the integration of the masses into the state through the voting processes for state parties. No individual is represented by anyone, there is no bridge between the State and individuals, only the integration of these within the State through the exercise of voting fraud at the polls.

If there is no control of power, there can be no democracy, nor can we ever change anything.
I will elect people and not party lists that I don’t know who they are, that no one else has chosen but the party chief. There can be no democracy because there is no political freedom, where power emanates from the bottom up and not from the top down, that is why in Spain there is NO democracy and there can be no democracy, so the only thing that a voter in the party state can achieve is continuous disappointment, a mental exhaustion since he never reaches what he expects, living in a fiction and in a surreal theater believing that he chooses something and decides for once in his life and believing that there is politics and there will ever be a change, there will never be any change because nobody can change anything, politics does not exist in the Party State, the consensus between the factions prevents it, there can be no opposition between the factions, they form an oligarchy within the State, they already have power, they just a competition between them for fame money and government.

In the state of parties, as there is no representation of the individual and the collective in the electoral districts, there can be no management, there is no one to manage anything. A management entails a commission and another thing is the bureaucratic needs that the regime needs for its normal operation, it is what we normally call administration or bureaucracy, but that does not mean that there is management of anything, nobody can or has the capacity in Spain to send or entrust anything to anyone. Because what is in its place is a theater so that it seems that there is politics where there cannot be, as we say the consensus between factions prevents it, there is a bureaucratic administration for the operation of individuals and nothing more, but management There can never be one because the ideas and the parties do not manage anything, the chosen people manage, thinking, it is easy to understand, when they talk about management, the only thing they are doing is deceiving and manipulating the language to confuse. The mental state of a voter in the Party State is that of failure, that of I want and I cannot, the stupidity and ridicule of believing in fictitious ideas that do not exist and cannot exist because there is no Political Freedom. The voter is naive, a blind man who trusts his master, who obeys him, serves him and defends him in a voluntary and ridiculous way, and, in short, since there is no democracy, the more people vote, the further away we will be from choosing something.

Being dignified and honest, or at least a person who does not stain, is very rare in Spain to see, since the majority, around 65 percent of Spaniards vote and endorse the State of parties at the polls, without choosing nothing or decide anything, a regime that after 42 years is leaving Spain very close to the third world in many respects. Only decorum and courage, supported by honesty, will help Spain to get out of the depression it is suffering, a very normal and logical depression since it has fed a political class of thieves and corrupt for more than four decades, and today , the Regime of 78 ”, is now coming to an end, it still has the last blows where we are seeing in front of our eyes and as is natural in a regime that is collapsing, the annihilation of individual freedoms and rights that one day it was granted to us and today, since there has never been and never has been freedom, those rights and freedoms are making them disappear in favor of the interests of the political class without any precedent. The only way that the Spanish people can not participate in this political anomaly and be complicit in state crimes is not to participate in the game, that is, to abstain from voting for anyone, it is the peaceful and civilized way to be able to change something. truly. Now there is no political freedom, in Spain there never was, nobody is represented, nobody looks at the interests and needs of the Spanish people and their real and daily concerns and that cannot be changed from within in the current system, nobody can do it despite Whether the opposite is believed or thought, nobody can change a game by playing it, nobody is going to commit suicide, if they participate in it, it is obviously not to change it. It is the people, in their exercise of the right not to vote, will be able to peacefully conquer their political freedom to establish a representative system of the Nation before the State.

HR Antonio, February 7, 2021.

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