Actually, the reason why a great majority of Spanish society is guided by beliefs, and to think that everything is defined by believing or not believing is confusing and wrong, because it is not knowing what is said or what is spoken about, it is to depend skeptically on everything that we have around us. There can be no coherence in what the use of certain beliefs in Spanish society manifests. Because if it is affirmed that everything is belief and that there is nothing true or that can be true, that everything is relative, that we can put a depends on everything, that there is a protagonism of subjectivity, that everything is opinion, then, What do we have science for and what use would it be?

Almost everything that is said is really absurd. For example, an absurd claim that “science exists as long as nature exists.” When science as such is only understood coupled with the human being, specifically from Aristotle’s thought that later makes possible the appearance of the scientific method of investigation. And like some people, I would say that many within Spanish society speak out by talking about what they believe, or what they think they know, we can give them an answer that is useful and pertinent. There are people who believe and then try to understand and others who first study and understand before believing or not believing anything, I think there is a big difference in terms. It is then that generalized skepticism prevails, in a society that, in any of the cases, does not dare to describe what is happening or what is in front of it, leaving it in the weight of opinion and doubt.

One can speak about what one particularly believes and insofar as it is a belief, since one can base it on what is convenient, comfortable or responds to what the majority thinks.
. In fact, it is that a large part of society thinks that everything is belief. It is a wrong society in terms and concepts that are apparently easy to describe but at the same time confused by a great majority, such as the philosophical concept of truth, of which it has always been said that no one can possess it, or it is also often said; _It is your truth and not mine_, that is why such a concept of truth is unknown, and it is totally the opposite of a lie and that is why no one can possess or attribute it to any individual, only the only thing that we can to do with the truth is to tell it, show it or point it out. We can also say that the truth is a relation of specific points that are the observed and perceptible facts. An example of this is saying that 2 + 2 = 4, or saying that it is raining, are truths that only an impostor can deny because they are absolute and universal truths. Thus, there is a protagonism of the relativity of everything, of the subjectivism of things, which I think are the support or support of the beliefs that some people have in order to understand what they precisely believe or imagine and that has nothing to do with it. do with science evidently.

Naturally, we do not all know or ignore the same things, nor do we all have the same wisdom or the same intelligence, and we can say that we are all ignorant of something, and that is what it is difficult for the Spanish individual to accept, since if he does not know, nothing more You have to believe something to understand it in your own way, and from there it is already believed that it is known, it is a fact, and that is, the acceptance of the word ignorant, which apparently and not as it is defined in the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, an ignorant is someone who does not know about something, it is a term that is interpreted as a lack of respect and as a blow to pride when one does not know something, an ignorant can be anyone of any subject or matter that does not let us know and we do not have to feel resentful of it or believe that being ignorant of whatever topic has to be disrespectful, we can all be ignorant of whatever topic you want because nobody knows or can know about everything, you can not talk with pro piety and with criteria and foundation of everything, sorry, the Spanish individual if, and if a belief is not sought to know.

Another thing is also the opinion, that each of us has ours of what the issues want to be, but, one thing is the opinion, that since it is personal, nobody can take it away from you, and another thing is the truth, terms that today in day they are confused precisely by the beliefs that they have or those that they want to have and more comfortable they are to us.
Opinion is something common to all and that is why it has little value, it is simply a personal assessment of something, and not all opinions are and cannot be respectable as well as the person if respected,  but certain opinions do not. An opinion is said or thought when it is not known, one thinks when one does not know, although this is not always the case, and criteria are given and reasoned is spoken when it is known, for example, a doctor can tell the truth about medicine and speak of it with foundation and knowing what he says for sure, but I do not think he can speak with the same property about the astronaut career, perhaps his opinion on that matter will intervene there. That is the difference between when you think about something and when you speak properly.

Having made this reflection regarding the effects of social democracy in the minds of individuals in Spain, which refers to the nullification of the truth and the criterion of what is known by science, turning it into a thought of opinion and subjectivism of everything, we gives way to fear that Spain, unfortunately, will bleed, and will bleed a lot because of its closure, fanaticism and beliefs, and above all, because of its innate wisdom, one of the factors that of course and given its level of stubbornness of individuals, will be what mainly lengthen the suffering and agony of Spanish society.

There is in fact a syndrome called Danning Kruger (photo representation), which consists in that those people who have little knowledge systematically tend to think that they know much more than they do due to their own incompetence and it makes it difficult for them to recognize their errors and limitations. The Spaniard knows everything, and does not know anything, it is something known and typical in Spanish society, a pride in wanting to know everything that means that there is nothing debatable and debatable, nothing can be shown or pointed out, it is already taken for granted and if any absurd belief or cliché does not apply, it is cliché society.

The fanaticism and pride, the pride of not seeing or wanting to see, of closing in on the band, and the cowardice of peering into the new and the Collective Political Freedom, unique and singular while completely unknown, the effects of that Voluntary servitude at the polls, endorsing the system that submits them and does not let them choose anything, the many years of servitude and slavery that the State has subjected to the Nation since the late 1930s in Spain, after many decades of confusion, believing that to the death of Franco came democracy and freedom and a long list of confusions and false and absurd beliefs that we can be pointing out in a long list, with those realities and facts is where the Spanish people have walked for a long time. With the sin of being naive, of wanting to know everything, the individuals themselves will drown in their own ignorance, and only courage, dignity and honesty will save the Spanish nation from the jaws of the State, which has subjected this society for almost a century to moral, mental and economic slavery, and the people still endorse it at the polls every 4 years.

HR Antonio, February 20, 2021.

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