Spain needs more people like this, honest brave men without any absurd ideological stubbornness or partisan complex, who wants a true and necessary socio-political change, a revolution, a process not necessarily violent as is usually believed about the term revolution, that to be such There has to be a conquest that proceeds from outside the law, from outside the current laws, a great conquest, that of Collective Political Freedom, a political concept discovered by the thinker lawyer and lawyer Antonio García Trevijano (1924-2018).

This conquest must occur so that the Spanish people enter a period of Constituent Freedom and choose forms of state and government and some deputies as Constituent Courts to draft a constitution that complies with the basic foundations and with the main function that It has a constitution that is to separate the Nation from the State, that is, separate Executive and Legislative powers in separate elections, two ballot boxes, from a common and collective power that is the people in the exercise of their Political Freedom. To arrive at a constitution where there is a true representation of the citizens, that is, that the neighbors of the different districts have a person who speaks for them on their behalf where they cannot be present, that is, the congress or the parliament, a National Assembly, place where the lives of individuals will be discussed and debated, everything related to the affairs of the Nation and everything that really concerns them and where the laws that will be approved will be made or changed according to the weight that the the strength of the voters is given. A democratic mechanism where systemic and systematic corruption, such as the one that exists today and for 42 years in Spain and since after the Second World War in almost all of Europe, disappears as such, and the guarantee of individual rights and freedoms is guaranteed. because power comes from and is founded from the Political Freedom of each citizen, mother of the lamb of all other individual freedoms and rights.

The term Political Freedom must be singular and capitalized because there is only one type of freedom, as there is only one, it is the same for all. It is the Freedom of all to establish the rules of the political game and it is permanent, today in Spain and in all countries both in Europe and in the rest of the world there is none, it does not exist, excluding some countries such as the United States, which is the unique and first example of conquering their political freedom after the War of Independence of the 13 colonies. It must be made clear that Political freedom has and must be collective or else it will no longer be freedom. Permissions will only be the individual rights and freedoms granted from a higher power, which just as they are given can take away, the same power that was given to them naturally, as we are seeing around us lately and in our daily lives. It will not be freedom in the singular nor will there be when only one of the individuals that make up the political society is not free, that is, with one who is not free, no one will be free, this means that the Freedom of others constitutes my own Freedom, there is only one freedom and it is the same for everyone. We have to know that in Spain, all the individual freedoms and rights granted come from laws, and that is why we know that they have all been made by an already constituted power and do not come from a constituent power, therefore, it must be a conquest, the of that Political Freedom, from outside the law and from what the established current laws say, and thus it will be a constituent power, which is the collective Political Freedom of the people that is what constitutes the rules of the game (constitution), and all the other individual rights and freedoms now yes in favor and conscience of the people and not of the political class.

And who grants that freedom? That freedom is not granted or given by anyone, it cannot be granted by another superior power, it is a conquest, it must be a conquest. And how is it conquered? Will there be violence? They are frequent and logical questions of individuals in Spain since it is something totally unknown, never before in history has this phenomenon occurred, but not only in Spain but throughout the world, except as we have said previously in the United States. America.

The conquest of collective political freedom is not a unique event, it is a process in which a people, after a series of events provoked by civil society, brings down and breaks with the power at that time established. When, for example, the form of government that exists is a state of parties as is currently the case in Spain and we want to change something because there is misuse of power or abuse of it, we cannot do it as some people mistakenly believe that it can be done from within, that is impossible and it has never happened (a topic that we will deal with and further develop its content in other articles).

What is the first thing that must be done to be able to change something, or what is the first step? The first step that must be done if you are someone who wants to change something when there is no democracy and what there is is a regime of power, is not participating in it, that is, abstention (a very broad topic that we will also deal with in other chapters and articles.

Not only will abstention bring down a government or the system, obviously not, other tools and means are needed to accompany abstention, such as political consciousness, it means that there must be an awareness of a majority part of the population. society (approximately 2/3 of it) that thanks to the fruit of true political culture (and not what people who know today believe), make a consciousness of change and a true peaceful struggle in common to bring about change.

The theme of the demonstrations is also and can be a medium, but not just any or outraged demonstration (if there is culture there is no outrage because an outraged person is someone who is outraged by the effects of the abuse of power or the misuse of it and does not know the true causes of why it occurs, an outraged person can never be able to change something, he is not and cannot be someone who is worth for political action), nor asking for freedom or anything that we are currently used to seeing in the streets , they must be demonstrations guided by the same collective conscience, they must be blocks of people or neighbors who are united in conscience to, peacefully, naturally manifest their desire to change to a period of Constituent Freedom, I repeat always accompanied by an abstention in conscience and intentional, and a degree of social culture of the political. These are some means and tools that we can use to bring down a system or rather a regime of power.

I want to talk about revolution, in the only sense that the word means, which is change. Because we are used and given our ignorance of this concept, to see that when there is a revolution or a process of revolution it has to be bloody and violent and that is not true. It is true that, revolutions have happened in history, changes that have come from really violent events, such as the French Revolution (illustration in the photo), the Mexican Revolution, the same War of Independence of the United States of America, They are examples of revolutions that we all know and all of them occurred with violent events. The media, movies and television show us the word revolution as a concept that transmits blood and great disturbances, and that is why, to the ears, generally of all individuals, it sounds very exaggerated or impossible to hear it believe or carry out A revolution. It is a concept that is also unknown, at least in Spain there never was one. A revolution does not necessarily have to be violent as it is believed, a revolution is as its natural definition says, a change, nothing more, neither reform nor improvement nor retouching, it is a change of a socio-political nature, that is, one that influences and is influential the society and the political class at the same time.
A change is not only throwing away the old house, which is what some do not dare out of fear and fear of what will happen, since after demolishing what has been established in a revolution, there should be absolutely nothing of the above, nobody or nothing. We must necessarily see a revolution from the positive side, I want to think about the new house to be built, about new illusions, about the discovery of what freedom is, about the new forms and ways as a society, I want to think that a revolution is something good and necessary when the situation requires it, as is currently the case in Spain, one must be very corrupt and very shameless who, having already lived 42 years of corruption and crimes of the political class, and these being a government and systematic factor, given that the currently established Charter and wrongly called the constitution allows it, have the courage to vote and thus support and endorse what is there and defend the power structure that is established and that is allowing the destruction of Spain as a nation and as a country. Everything really must go back to zero, nothing more than the culture, those traditions and above all the immense power of the language of the Spanish Nation still unexploited or explored, and which are factors that can never change if it is not for the passage of time. time and its evolution, remain as the impulse and foundations of the future system, but nothing of the power structure that existed prior to the revolution, because it is the people, in that conquest, who take that power and that is precisely what that conquest is about. . A brave and unapologetic thought and way of thinking would be to look further, at the new building to be built than at the old one to be thrown away, that, in the case of Spain, little by little, any new building that is built, be it a hut, it would be better than what there is today. Seeing a revolution as something positive and not as something harmful is the exercise that the Spanish people have to develop, since it is necessary and inevitable since the current regime of 78 ”is broken and broken and what proceeds is learning to have culture of politics and awareness, the perfect tool to carry out a collective, peaceful revolution with a common sense of society and to find the only alternative to what is democracy.

All those who talk that the system has to be changed from within, or that it cannot be changed now, that it is impossible, those who talk about reforms, those who say that we must vote for some so that the others do not come out, in In short, they are excuses to vote, those who deny the aforementioned want and prefer to continue participating in what there is, will be, or ignorant on the matter and do not really know what these concepts are about, or if they do, scoundrels due to opportunism sociological and, or because they do not want the freedom of their peers for fear of pride or closure that others can and have the ability to choose also freely. There are people who do not want freedom for all, they do not want there ever to be, they want to continue in the voluntary servitude of the act of going to vote without democracy and without political freedom. Political Freedom is the only thing that has been covered, camouflaged, embezzled and separated from civil society through state political parties and media propaganda, it is what the oligarchy of parties currently in Spain deals with in one way or another through mechanisms of confusion and dissuasion , so that minds never come to think or see that freedom, that they simply do not know it, and that, as happens today, it is ignored and no one has the slightest notion of what it is and what it is about this huge and unknown concept, which while existing, is possible and has already occurred in the history of humanity. In fact, there are no media or any institution that talks about it or deals with it, not even in universities where daily lies are lies and terms are misused so that no one really knows what collective political freedom is about.

For that too, this website wants to convey the meaning of those political concepts, which we had never heard and which no one had taught us, not even in schools, institutes and universities. It is curious that there is not a medium or even that says or mind this term, that it is not talked about, that there is no one who exhibits it in any medium channel or institution or conference, what happens? It happens that in Spain, As it is all owned by the State and generally needs approval from its official status, it is logical that the State is not going to throw stones at itself and is going to give the key and the keys so that they can be taken away from there, therefore, It is also logical that no one has ever heard hear or hear anything about it. Spain has been plunged into a 40-year dictatorship and under a power regime like the current party state for another 42 years, and the Spanish people have never known their freedom, they have always been a servant of the power that others imposed on them, the Spanish people were and are until today a servant of power, obeying and continuing in the exercise of individual freedoms and rights that have been granted to them by a superior power and never since their conquest, they have never been able to elect any president in exercise of their political freedom. That is why often the power of the State has to remove and in many cases invent or improvise events to mislead and confuse the minds of people, precisely in the attempt to hide and remove from the knowledge of society the term of Political Freedom , and it is and continues to be to this day, the intention of the power established in Spain and it is also the motive and the main reason, why, the Spanish people have to lower themselves to their learning of such unknown concepts, As we said at the beginning of this article, be honest with ourselves and not believe we know everything, raise awareness through the culture of Political Freedom and democracy that has nothing to do with what they have been telling us up to now or have not counted. Let us remember and we have to be aware that the Spanish people in terms of politics are totally ignorant on the matter, the reason, because if there were a culture of it, people would know that in Spain there is no democracy and that where we live is a regime of power inherited from General Franco, they would know that the parties are state organs and with which the left and the right do not exist, they would also know that there is no constitution and that there is no separation of powers and they would be aware that it is the sole cause of the daily and daily corruption without ceasing of the political class; They would know so many things that to this day they do not know, and they do not know because knowing it would not be Spain entering the third world as it currently is, that is why they do not know as much as they think they do.
nd it is that in Spain there is a syndrome called Danning Kruger syndrome (picturesque illustration in the image), which consists of a person believing himself to be more intelligent and he believes he knows more than he really knows, and that is what gentlemen that predominates in Spain, the country where a lot is known and nothing is known.

It is a pleasure, I want to communicate, to be able to expose all these articles that are necessary and useful for political consciousness, it is your attention and your interest in knowing about the political thing that concerns us all, you are the readers, that you do yourself a favor and the conscience and conscience of society by describing and defining terms and facts that are in view of all so that there can be a true change and a true conquest of Political freedom, a cordial greetings and we will continue to expand on this concept of Collective Political Freedom throughout the development of this website.

“The truth, which should not be confused with the disenchantment of illusions, is corrupted by silence. Rebellion is not insolent if it expresses the falsehood that provokes it. The function of individual rebellion is not to illuminate the darkness of the great political lie. that can not dispel, but keep the torch of truth burning so that, when the moment of collective action arrives, in the crucial moments of crisis of state power, the most conscious part of society knows where to go and let itself be guided by the air that kept the torches of freedom burning. ”
(Antonio Garcia Trevijano).

HR Antonio, February 20, 2021

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