The Franco regime that currently governs Spain is maintained by two factors, confusion and division. And I sense that confusion is what allows division. I am convinced that if the Spanish, the Nation, were clear about the reality of Spain, the division would not occur. The Francoists Sánchez and Iglesias, I think they handle the confusion very well. His totally empty expression, which is unintelligible gibberish, consists of placing words one after another that gives a sense of confidence and increases the faith of his acolytes, inoculating confusion very effectively.

If we Spaniards were clear, we would all have a clear, precise and rigorous concept of democracy; I doubt very much that anyone could swallow the scheme of the regime. If we had a clear and precise idea of ​​what the Nation is and what the State is, the regime would have long since disappeared. The regime has at its disposal a whole media mass that floods everyone and everything with this confusion 24 hours a day. Throwing all television into the container would be a very healthy measure. But even without that, the constant action of each of us can achieve great achievements. The truth suffers but does not perish.

And that is why I do believe that this action, which either goes unnoticed, or is made invisible by the regime, and which the Francoists too often make fun of, may be essential to achieve that Laocratic third, decisive for that democratic breakdown that we so badly need. We republics do not aspire to any utopia, because we do not follow any ideology and we do not believe that after achieving democracy as a form of government, everything will be idyllic. Yes, there will continue to be problems and difficulties, but the Nation will have control over the State. And what, if we can achieve this, is that no crime committed by the state goes unpunished. Representation, separation of powers, imperative mandate, among other things, will make us free. At last we will have a constitution and we will have achieved collective political freedom. We will owe nothing to anyone except ourselves. The voluntary servitude will be passed.

Antonio Sebastián Aragón Gotarredona, October 10, 2020

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