The oligarchs with the passage of time hide less and less. It is possible because whatever they do, impunity is guaranteed. The lack of interest in the Nation is total, and each and every decision has a unique objective. Yours. Unfortunately, his, all his belongs to the Nation. Their targets have a lethal side effect, the devastation of the Nation. It is impossible for that to affect them. The Francoist oligarchs have no connection with the Nation. In the Nation, they are not, they are not expected. I understand you, if for a thousandth of a second, you connected with the Nation, your suffering would destroy you, if something of humanity was left to someone, of course. I remember a phrase: “Hard times, they make strong men.” I don’t remember who it is from now. But how’s it going, we’re all going to be hunky soon. Disguise already seems that they do not need.
The addicts to the regime swallow everything of their own; and as long as they have votes, they will not need to hide. The rest if they have to censor us. Franco’s censorship is permanent in its mass media. Then there is the other, a law there, a decree there, well, those things that we suffer. I am not very aware, but the last thing that has come to me is the democratic memory thing. Right away I remembered a video by Carlos Carrasco Gómez, entitled: “Democrático”, which made me very funny. Gustavo Bueno, I think he was the one who coined the expression: “Democratic fundamentalism.” I sense that it is a very contagious virus. Democratic is a magic wand that transforms everything, whatever it is, into sublime. For those of the current Francoists it is very easy to achieve such an iron censorship, as it is unpunished for them. It is clear that organic democracy has not yet abandoned us.

Antonio Sebastián Aragón, Gotarredona October 05, 2020.

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