I confess that the conquest of Collective Political Freedom is an objective that I am passionate about. I often move through social networks contacting people who have the same goal.
Meeting all. People who have a rigorous, accurate, and clear knowledge, and others in a much more intuitive way, others who are investigating and little by little they are clarifying the concepts. I am one of those.

I really enjoy learning about all these things. Perhaps that is why my presence in social networks is fundamentally to learn. A little from here, a little from there, I am learning more and more. I exchange concepts, I develop them, I deepen with some and with others. I really enjoy it. I have also noticed that there are some people, among whom these concepts are totally clear, make comments such as: “Spaniards are stupid” or “Spaniards are ignorant” and things like that. These reactions sometimes make me very thoughtful. Those expressions are used by Spanish. Although if they are Spanish they could say: “We Spanish are ignorant, or stupid or idiotic”, and it is as if while they say it, they cease to be Spanish. I’m spanish. I find that attitude that I increasingly perceive more and more.

Don Antonio García-Trevijano Forte, knew everything about Political Science and everything in the field of Law. Perhaps he would not know anything about plumbing, electrical installations, geology, matrix calculus, forensic anatomy, and a whole host of other things. But ignoring all those things does not make you ignorant. All men are ignorant of much more than we know. And because of that, the fact that someone does not know something that I know, does not make them ignorant, stupid, idiotic or stupid. Yes, certainly, we have to instruct ourselves permanently. It is possible that he is wrong, but I sense that it is in Spain where there are more people who know that there is no democracy in their Nation. Even many more than in Italy, or in Germany, or in Sweden, and so on.

I believe that the conquest of Collective Political Freedom is a matter, above all, of clear ideas, perseverance and will and of a few. The masses go from one side to the other in seconds. It is what Don Antonio García-Trevijano Forte called, the indignation. It is not that the people who participate in it are dumber than those who do not participate in it; it is that emotion and confusion are so polluting in our days that they incapacitate reason. Saint John Henry Newman commented: “This is the normal thing in the mass of the people, in all the times: to be influenced by sudden fears, sudden regrets, sudden resolutions, sudden decisions, that disappear suddenly…. The crowd is like that, unstable, like water, and it will never get better. One day he shouts: “Hosanna!”, The next: “Crucify him!”

That is why we must always work in unbreakable union, for that Laocratic third, of which Don Antonio spoke to us, the rest, when the moment comes, we will have it on our side, so in the meantime, we will learn to move them; to thrill those masses so vulnerable to outrage. I remember how the fervent masses of Generalissimo Franco in Andalusia, went from one day to the next, to be the most socialist in the world. They became lifelong socialists.

Antonio Sebastián Aragón Gotarredona, September 28, 2020

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