From naivety to social and personal failure


In any case, the party state that exists in Spain as a form of government, or commonly called partitocracy, is a sea of ​​illusions where the variety of colors, symbols and state logos mixes with the different personal ideas of the individuals in society. who identify with them, giving way to citizens to think that they have endless opportunities to choose from and doors to knock on to achieve their political and public purposes. You have read correctly, choosing, I want to make it clear before approaching this article, that choosing is not voting, there is a huge difference, and as an example we have the holding of votes in many or almost all the dictatorships that we know until today, with Franco there is also I voted, in Venezuela you vote and in China and Korea too. In this chapter I will try to explain about a topic that in general and as everything related to politics in Spain is somewhat confusing and at least alarming, I am talking about the naivety in the will of the Spanish citizen to believe and think that with his vote and his participation in the polls he can change something that affects him personally or concerns him and is his personal concern in relation to the society that surrounds him.

One of the methods to be able to maintain the current Regime is the legitimation of all the factions of the State, for this we have to refer to the propaganda that the State invents and manufactures through logos and symbols with which the ordinary citizen can identify. Thanks to the outrage that the same citizen can express for example in a demonstration or in the daily talk with a neighbor to Because of the misuse of power and abuse of it, the State adapts that indignation of the effects that this misappropriation of political institutions produces, so that the naive voter, full of illusions, throws himself into the ballot box with the useless hope of deciding or changing something of that which hurts him so much and affects him in his day to day life. For example, logos and emblems that we are used to seeing and that have been appearing throughout this partisan period since the transition are the parties that in their propaganda call for change, all of them promote in their electoral propaganda “change”, something that really It cannot happen and as we have seen after 42 years it has never happened, and it is that it is the misleading keyword of the propaganda so that the new political illusions of renewal of the citizen and after a period of 4 years of corrupt government, by anyone that has gotten there, be relieved thinking that one day that long-awaited change will take place and everything will be better.

Another example of logos and emblems is to name the factions of the State, ideas of forms of government or public wishes of individuals, for example, naming a party “Anti-corruption Party”, “or Party for Spain” , “Anti-Podemos Party”, “Anti-Vox Party”, “Anti-fascist Party”, “Republic Party”, these are among thousands that we could point out, examples of names that we can find according to this oriented thought and ideology or outrage of citizens, that is, if corruption is blamed, for example, the State will soon build a party that says it will end corruption and will promote it ad nauseam, not only that, but it is also the public money with which the factions are fabricated, carried forward, and their propaganda promoted. If a party appears, as we have seen after the movement of the indignant like Podemos, the opposite of it appears immediately, apparently, Vox, a totally equal faction and with the same state origin, but which proclaims and says completely the opposite of what the others say being exactly the same as an organ of the State that both are.

As corruption and the misuse of power in the Party State are inevitable, necessary and a factor of government, the consciousness of the political class is naturally and from its origin also corrupt, they are aware of this misuse of power, they know and they know that terrain very well and what is really happening, they know the problem and the main cause of what is happening like the child who knows that he has broken a glass and wants to hide it. That is why they also know that it is what citizens in one way or another can become outraged, because outrage is the beacon and guide for the State and for political parties and thus make excuses in their rallies and propaganda, which It makes civil society play in the field of the State, never in its field, which is the Nation, and when it asks for something, the State goes and gives it to them in the form of a faction or a proclamation, to get the only thing that the oligarchies need to be able to continue where they are and the change cannot happen never no matter how much you vote and no matter how much you participate
in the ballot box. For this reason, participation in the ballot box is a mousetrap suffered every 4 years by the society with the right to vote in Spain that prepares the oligarchy that is forged within the State with the votes of the indignant and in what, for Ignorance or opportunism, the voluntary servants participate in the votes that, with so much eagerness, and with the help of the taxpayer’s money, the factions of the State prepare with a deceptive and confused propaganda.


We must make one thing clear that at least I consider essential and that we must highlight when what we want is to make an assessment of the morale of the voter in Spain. Since voting carries a moral and personal responsibility, which inevitably involves the public conscience of citizens, if we mean that when voting is done, it is because a relationship of trust is personally granted or there is a relationship of trust in the act of voting and in what is going to vote, we have to ask ourselves a question, what can be trusted when what for 42 years we have been seeing daily is the non-compliance of electoral programs for example, it is not only non-compliance but the opposite is done of what was promised, or that it is so obvious that the institutions are not democratic, that there is neither sensible nor decent justice, that we are seeing that corruption has been part of our lives from the early hours of the morning, that not a single moment has ceased. Just a minute, where is that responsibility as citizens who have the intention of changing something? I mean with this, and that nobody is offended and as sensible people we think and reconsider; is that it is not being naive, naive is when the consequences of having voted is unknown, because generally, it is unknown that there is no democracy, it is believed that there is, so yes, one sins of naive when voting, but yes We attend to the question that I have developed before, it is no longer naive, it is to be an idiot or very little responsible, everything is that you are not an opportunist that personally suits you well that everything continues like this, as it is, then yes, vote . But yes, what is intended is to change something and it has already been tried, therefore, what is the motive or reason to trust the polls when voting in Spain? It is of a degree of irresponsibility as citizens what can we say that the voter in Spain does not have the slightest civil or public responsibility (subject, the responsibility that in other articles I consider a subject to be developed), we are talking about a degree of moral corruption of an almost unattainable magnitude, I would say. When a large majority is outraged at not seeing the electoral program they voted for fulfilled, there are no longer excuses to complain, and much less so that if you trust again you will be surprised that another disappointment occurs again. Although there is a case of even worse people, and they are those who tell you that they already expected that it would happen like this, but who still go and vote, how would you qualify that?, Because I honestly do not give it credit. It is something like sadomasochism or doing the “personal harakiri” or you have to have absolutely rotten morals and not with very good faith. Naive is the one who, in the Party State, trusts the political class, and it is believed that politicians look out for their future, naive is for me to say ignorant, ignorant on the matter of course, but very stupid if when they have already disappointed you So many times you drag yourself to the ballot box, the confidence of the governed in the rulers in Spain is of an unhealthy gender, and it is that almost 2/3 of the population is thrown into the ballot box to ratify corruption and lies. Really, the Party State has not only turned the rulers into corrupt, but also the ruled, in a moral and irresponsible way, without any civil discipline, have become throughout this regime corrupt and phonies, and the rulers They have the peoples they deserve. This being the reality, you can no longer be naive in any way. It will be something else, another not good thing, and that is that once you vote, and contrary to what is believed, then you cannot complain.

The reality of this party regime is that it gathers all the ingredients to end up being the failure of any voter, there is nothing where a citizen can support, there is nothing to support, nothing sensible and productive, whatever is talked about , whatever you touch you get burned. There are many examples that we could give, but I want to summarize it in the propaganda, the political rallies that are held throughout the entire Spanish territory, where the promises of the parties are direct propaganda and with which the spectra of voters are identify and create their own political expectations and illusions that never come and never have come.

The protagonist of the conscience of any voter in Spain is failure. The belief that power is in society because a paper says it, the blind belief in thinking that it chooses or can change something in the ballot box, or that there is separation of powers, or that voting is a duty, or that the left exists or the right, or to think that justice is something that exists in Spain when it is the arm of the executive, to think that they form Spanish parliamentarism, to believe that politics exists in Spain, or to say that consensus is the best thing that can happen to Spanish society for that of concord and reconciliation (something that unconsciously produces on the part of society a mental and moral sedation that lasts for 42 years and that makes society remain dead and without any political criteria as we can see), are examples of what that produces naivety. That ignorance of the true and main causes that produce the failure and continuous disappointment of any voter in the State of parties that exist in Spain as a form of government.

And it is that really, we have to know that democracy is founded and born of mistrust, of the governed towards the rulers, and therefore, institutions are created that take care of those values ​​and instructions of the people to their rulers, that is, that Democracy exists means that citizens in the exercise of their political freedom can directly elect their representatives, but not only that, they can also be revoked.
They can also elect their president of the executive, their government, they directly, in separate elections to embody one of the two basic and fundamental principles that must inevitably be fulfilled for there to be democracy, the separation of powers, with the same source. to legitimize, the people, but different separate powers, on the one hand, your representative and on the other your president, which amounts to democracy, a system of power based on majorities and that is totally unknown in Spain. That the judiciary is totally independent of these is essential, because this guarantees equal justice for all without this power being incumbent on the other two powers nor the other two powers incumbent on it.
Such is the case, that they are mechanisms that show that it is the people who dictate and decide how and who has to govern, and not only that, but it is the people who decide who does and how their laws have to be made, those that they themselves have to comply. With this we show that distrust of power, of the political class is innate, and also with these institutions it is intended to have control of power so that it is not corrupted and so that at least lies and corruption are not systematic and systemic as happens in the current state of parties in Spain. We can say that here the citizen, has on his back the responsibility that brings him in his conscience as a free citizen, of the choice of his future and leaves aside the failure of a voluntary servitude of naive, stupid and opportunistic voters of the Party State .

HR Antonio, March 8, 2021

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