On the influence of the State in public thought.

As it is something both current and permanent in the history of all societies, it could not be less to point out a relevant issue for me and at least important for the development and evolution of any society, a foreground issue in all societies, at all times and in all social movements in history.

It is about the freedom to think and to express opinions, a totally topical and everyday issue, but also an issue that goes back centuries; I speak of how throughout history persecutions, arrests and executions have been committed, where the truth has been refuted or incapacitated through prison, bonfires or torture, due to what the English philosopher John Stuart Mill called, the presumption of incapacity; It consists of the protection by law or by coercion of the multitude of certain ideas or opinions.


This happened as a normal event throughout the Middle Ages and into the modern age around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when opinion was no longer condemned to the stake or torture, but, nevertheless, persecutions still continued. legal opinions and different ways of thinking. An example of events that occurred after the Revolutions period was persecution, the various opinions that appeared no longer caused astonishment, on the other hand, the continuity of social stigmatization of certain thoughts continued, and continues to this day in the XXI century , I put for example the incapacitation or hindering the access to professions and jobs of those who distance themselves from the politically correct.

What we are experiencing physically today is the literal incapacitation of thought, which, through political consensus, makes thinking in Spain impossible, and also, with the help of the dictatorship of social democracy imposed and being an icon to be followed. by practically all mass parties, not only in Spain but throughout Europe, makes what predominates in the minds of most individuals is a dead opinion and without criteria, a skepticism about everything that surrounds us and happens, that prevents the evolution and advancement of people’s intelligence and critical thinking. I am referring to mental and intellectual calming, which nullifies the innovation or moral daring of anyone, knocks out growth as a society, leaves all heads flush, making a lawn mower effect, and the one that stands out or stands out is nipped in the bud. That today, in the 21st century. You cannot move forward if the ideas do not come to light out of fear or because they hide and separate themselves from the rest. It is of great necessity, and as events throughout history have happened and demonstrated, that the greatest progress as a society has been when individuals have separated themselves from the yoke of authority and the spiritual and mental tyranny of the governments.

We are tired of seeing, censorship and blockades, where the imposition of the morality of the State dominates the minds without criteria of the majority of citizens, the official thing is the State, canceling everything that, from civil society, jobs, studies or others projects can help, regardless of the legality or approval of State bodies. All of this is absolutely nil. And for fear of what public opinion will say, to be singled out or labeled as “not correct”, the cannon fodder that reflects a society in the end of the State avoids bold, strong, independent and original ways of thinking. A society that without reasoning and without thinking about the consequences that this entails within itself, adheres to and surrenders to the State, not just out of habit, given the many decades of authoritarian and despotic submission that society has suffered. Spanish throughout the twentieth century and what we have of the twenty-first, but also because it is a society that, as we see, without any discussion and prior examination, launches itself to participate and endorse its own torture, also with pride and showing off, always with its the innate wisdom that characterizes it, showing the passivity and the existential spiritual and moral weakness that in view of any sensible person and stops to make an examination with their own criteria.

A people guided and subjected by beliefs and superstitions given that it does not stop to study what happens around it, its foundation and real and existential causes and it is that every proposition that comes from above is admitted and accepted without any study or criterion of it. . The obviousness of any thing and matter that concerns us, whether it is true or false, is natural, what is not normal or acceptable for this society is to think and have criteria. At least irrational behavior. If something is assumed as faith or belief, several things can happen, or it becomes fanaticism, or it is a dead thought since it is not assumed in conscience or verified by own experience. I believe that only in a society where Political Freedom is the foundation of the relationship between the governed and the governors and where there is democracy, can we guarantee free discussion and dispute, always by civilized means, and thus make politics real and exist as a necessary means for the evolution and growth of Spanish society, making the variety of opinions and ideas, both true and false, the mechanism of prosperity and progress.

In Spain you don’t think for yourself, you think through others or through third parties. In my opinion, honoring the subject of which I speak, thought is renounced directly, whose intrinsic condition is its freedom and the spontaneity of its appearance and movement. This is why I explain, the reason and criteria that I give to what I especially want to point out in this text. If a society that does not react, that does not put means and that is carried away by what is politically correct or by the opinion of the majority, is a morally and mentally dead society; it is in her passivity and her self-destructive action that we can find the cause of what is exposed here.

For this and also because I consider a great example for the understanding and understanding of what we have before us today, with all the news that happens to us and the increasingly disappearance of rights and freedoms, I believe and think that it is of high and wide necessity to discover to a great utilitarian thinker philosopher, perhaps the best known liberal thinker philosopher, John Stuart Mill, (photo). 

Few times, or rather never, have they spoken to us about freedom of thought, we are used to hearing about freedom of expression, freedom to strike, assembly and other individual freedoms. An infallible tactic of the political class in Spain to annihilate all attempts at freedom of thought is the establishment of the concept of “consensus”, (photo), (I want to talk about consensus in this article as a tool of the State to separate citizens from freedom of thought that is what this article is about, the term consensus itself, I will try to deepen in other articles), in the political sphere. A term that sounds familiar to all of us, due to the many times we have heard it in the media every day, and that, having become so familiar, we ignore and disregard the consequences of it. This term so used in the political class, the integral mechanism of the form of government in Spain, the Party State or partitocracy, and lubricant for the oligarchy that exists within the State, is for civil society the greatest poison for their minds, and now we explain why. That there is consensus means that there is no dissent, that there is no politics, because consensus, when we apply it in the political sphere, is a means to confuse the mind and lead it to where it does not belong, that is, it is to stop being what you think, since you are what you have in your head and especially in your conscience, to be something that you are not, is a change or a mental blackmail to the principles of oneself, a moral transgression of principles, which, whatever the thoughts of any individual, having consensus, will be automatically exterminated, furthermore, without the latter knowing. For example, that we are talking in Spain about apparently republican parties that permanently live and eat from a monarchy set up by a dictator, explains the consequences of consensus, which are nothing more and nothing less than there is a distribution of goods or power that constantly and in any situation forge pacts between oligarchs with a different ideological appearance, and that this appearance or thought that they show is totally false, and through consensus, they eliminate dissent, that is, that politics exists, to leave in fiction what they intend It seems, which causes in the mind of the individual a destruction and a metaphysical acceptance of facts inconceivable to the criterion and reason for being. Freedom of thought is the ability to choose, it is a moral principle, of individual conscience, which maintains the natural bases of the mind of each individual, their way of living, their way of expressing themselves, speaking, acting, and that Radically and through political consensus, it has been possible to twist these natural principles of individuals in Spanish society. So we can speak of a crooked mind, a sedated mind, of society ingeneral.

It is not possible or natural in politics to apply the term consensus, since it is a term that is related to the spiritual and moral sphere, on the other hand, in politics, which is the pure science of power, it is the struggle for power literally (photo), to speak of reconciliation or concord, something very familiar from so many times heard, is a true aberration and supposes a de facto impediment to the real and clean thought of the individual.

It turns out that, that aversion and acceptance of Spanish society for what is projected from the State is what is ratified and has been embedded in the heads of individuals in Spain as something normal and viable, that terms such as, for example, have been accepted concord, reconciliation, consensus …, it means that in Spain, free thought does not exist, and what exists is a mind, in the public sphere, twisted of all human nature as is the way of being of each one in the public sphere, different and different simply from each one. I mean with this, that, if it is the State that dictates without any opposition or judgment from civil society, without any control of the raison d’être of the State’s morality and what it projects, without passing an examination of what from the executive dictates, we can speak of a lack of reasoning, or simply blind fanaticism of ideas, which as we have been saying, there is no consensus. We can also speak of a sick conformism, which allows the political class to roam freely, make pacts, betray, steal, subjugate, or do God knows what, and that no one credit or respond as dead to the one they are trying to revive. That conformity, which in my opinion is more than conformity blind obedience, translates into something extremely much more dangerous still, in my opinion, than any tyranny or despotism planned from the rulers, and it is that of social condemnation, I mean that of society’s own condemnation against itself. I am referring to the beliefs or convictions and claims of a part of society, or an influential part of it, which in a basic way and in the practice of such aversions, determine the behavior of the rest of the individuals who do not think like them. , between the threat of sanction by law by the State, or properly said by that same part of society that attacks those who dissent from it, really what we have established in Spain, it is already in view of anyone who is not blind or imbecile, it is a dictatorship of the moral, which comes from the lack of freedom to think and the conditioning of that part of society that refutes everything that is not of its nature. We currently have in view, for example, on the issue of the coronavirus crisis, wearing a mask or not, something as natural as being aware that the responsibility for the health of each one is personal and of each individual, In Spain, it is a cause of conflict in any place on the public highway where someone does not like it if you do not wear the mask, totally irrational and regrettable.

An issue, this of freedom of thought and the influence of the State on it, for me, is very important, that we live it day by day, that it is everyday, and that because it is familiar as well as unknown and as a social and political anomaly that It is, it goes unnoticed by most individuals in Spain, but that I, as in this article and all those that I will do on this particular subject, will try to develop the clearest and most visible reality for everyone regarding what happens inside of our borders and beyond them.

HR Antonio, March 29, 2021.


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