MEASURES: 500 mm x 300 mm






Texts and writings about the author and the work


My name is Kathleen, I born in Ilocos Norte in Philippines. My purpose in creating this paint, “España guiando a Filipinas”, is because, I was inspirated by Juan Luna, popular artist from Ilocos Norte in the century XIX. He is regarded as one of the “Enduring pieces of legacy”, date created year 1884.

The description of my paint is that the close relationship of Philippine and Spanish could never been forgotten before, today and in the future. Because of them, we know how to speak Spanish language. They influence of our culture, Spanish and Philippine, catholism and traditions culture. And also, they stablish schools, universities were opened early. The Philippines has improved in civilization and wealth, and no only that, if Philippines was not get for Spain before the country, would had been part of either China, Indonesia, or Brunei, maybe England. So, from that, we are very thankful.


About the art exactly, the reference is the abstract arts. Using acrylic paint. The technique I,m using is with only one type of angled brush or slanted brushes I use, one of my go-to paint brushes its flexible, I can create lines and shapes that very thickness and coverage. Also, with five kids of colors; blue, green, white, red and black. By a proper combination, I get the desired color I want.

The relation story about I,m doing this art is that, I was in a solemn place if not in my working room. I prefer at the mountain at the backyard of our house, while seeing the beautifoul nature my mind, is more peaceful and a lot more imagination. I do experiment everytime, I paint with something different. I can and I get better every day and I never comparate my work with any more else,s. like a flowers, just bloom. It,s about the art that comes out of a person. Most of all, all of my work I get may ispiration from the love of my live in the distance. He encouraged me, support me in everything.

Wich gives me the creativity to pursue and to put more patience and dedication to my work. I thank God for this gif at me. I,m very humbled everydy.


Kathleen Sagucio, Octubre 2020, Manila (Filipinas).

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