Don Antonio García Trevijano Forte, I seem to remember that he once commented that he was a Catholic atheist. I don’t get to be that sophisticated. I remain simply being Catholic. There is a characteristic of the Catholic faith which is action. Perhaps that is the characteristic, which is essential to eradicate the regime, fundamental to the Catholic faith.
I am going to allow myself to quote two Catholic paragraphs: Saint Faustina Kowalska: “I started the day fighting and ended it fighting. As soon as I remove a difficulty, in its place there are ten to overcome, but I do not grieve because of it, because I know very well that this is a time of struggle and not of peace “John Henry Newman:” Ten thousand difficulties do not make a single doubt. After all, man is not just a thinking animal; is an animal that he sees, that he feels, that he contemplates, that he acts … and great actions are the fruit of devotion to a higher idea ”. And that action implies a personal questioning and permanent action. That’s the opposite of ideology, which is something like: “I’m already one of the good guys, and my favorite oligarch will take care of everything.” This implies the total and absolute inaction of anyone who assumes and internalizes an ideology. Don Antonio García Trevijano Forte questioned the ideologies, repeatedly. The questioning of ideologies, and their consequences in the Catholic sphere, begins in the nineteenth century, and this questioning continues to this day. The documents that prove it are numerous, and at the beginning of the last century distributism originated, one of its principles is the principle of subsidiarity; The principle of subsidiarity is understood as the principle by virtue of which the State should only carry out a task aimed at the common good when it realizes that individuals or intermediate bodies do not carry it out adequately, either due to impossibility or for any other reason. This principle has been twisted ad nauseam. The same is being the political science of Don Antonio García Trevijano Forte. This principle is closely linked to the concept of representation and the imperative mandate that Don Antonio explained so well. I find an obvious connection between his concepts of Political Science and the Catholic approach. Honestly, it seems to me Don Antonio, much more consistent with the Catholic from his atheism, than many of those who self-perceive Catholics, as in my case. Hence the importance that I give to the study of the work of Don Antonio, it brings me enormously closer to the Catholic. TRUTH – LOYALTY – FREEDOM is a very demanding triad.
It is necessary to eliminate mental schemes and behavior patterns in a radical way. That is possible for everyone, but it takes hard work, permanent action, and an iron will, and not everyone is willing to do it. This website is the result of effort and of making that decision. I have been invited to write something for this page, honestly, I do not think I am prepared for it; but here are some reflections.

Antonio Sebastián Aragón Gotarredona, September 21, 2020

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