The political parties

What we will do in this article, one of the many in which we will talk about political parties and especially political parties in Spain, is to point out what their nature is, that is, what they are, and what their principles are, and speak for how. work. Everything we really hear in the media and in the propaganda of state parties in Spain is totally uncertain, mere partisan propaganda based on topics and made and forged in the lantern of lies and daily corruption, a majority of Spaniards follow endorsing at the polls every four years, despite being the physical, mental and moral bleeding of Spanish society, since there is no Political Freedom, no one who has ever come to power has fulfilled a single word of what was promised in his Electoral program, even so, the stubbornness of Spanish society, alone of its pride and moral corruption in itself, continues as we say, giving power to those who overwhelm and rob them.

State political parties, enthroned in the State, paid by the State, permanent organs of the State, with this we can already say that no party represents or can represent civil society, being in its natural form elements of civil society and born in this as a consequence of freedom of association, they serve as a bridge between citizens, that is, the Nation, and the State. State parties cannot represent civil society because they do not reside in it, each one is and owes who pays. When they abandon their stay in civil society and become members of the State, it happens that they reject and do not need to have ideologies of any kind, they already have power, they do not need or care to possess any form of ideology, for example, to say that They are on the left or to say that they are on the right, when the parties are state-owned as in Spain and in a large part of the countries in Europe, the left and the right do not exist, there is an oligarchy of party leaders within the state necessarily in consensus ; in other chapters we will talk and give this term countless explanations and examples to get to understand it and get to know what this unusual concept in politics is about.

That the political parties are state supposes that there is no Political Freedom, why is there no Political freedom? Freedom, very far from what most Spaniards understand as freedom, is not something that nobody grants or grants from a higher power, they are not rights that nobody gives you, it is not something that you have to go out into the street, As is usually done in the various protest demonstrations filled mostly with outraged people who do not know what the reason for their outrage is and also help the political class to know what the weakness of the protesters is, outrage can never be worth any action nor change, this, Freedom, is purely and solely a conquest, otherwise, it is not and will never be freedom, it will be something else, but not freedom. The parties, being and residing in the State, already have power, rather, it is not the State that has the political parties, it is the parties that have the State in their hands, be careful with the State, wherever in the under Franco’s dictatorship there was only one state party, now there are several with that state power, legitimized by the victory of General Franco in the Civil War; That power is distributed in quotas in proportion to the votes captured. What is the use of having ideologies? Ideologies do not exist when there is no political freedom. It is not that there is no Political Freedom, it is that since there is a pact, a consensus, there can be no politics between them, there is nothing to choose when all, by their nature, are organs of the State, there is no struggle for power or There may be because they already have power, why are they fighting or what is the dilemma now? Very simple, to keep the lie in the circus and a theater that everyone needs for all of them to continue there, to make it seem like there is politics, or fight for power that is the same, through the media and propaganda tools something that does not exist and does not exist and cannot exist, also putting into use the proportional system of lists, distributing power in proportion to the votes captured, the only thing that we can really see it is a dispute in competition plan between the oligarchs or party leaders for fame, positions and economic, but nothing more. That is why we are all used to seeing that typical call for participation from all members of the political class, why is it? It is because it is participation that gives it, the political class, more distribution, that is to say, more power and legitimacy, on the contrary, what they fear, or better yet, the only thing they fear and much more, is abstention; When where there is democracy, abstention has no effect whatsoever, when there is an oligarchy of party leaders within the State, abstention is lethal for each one of them, this means that not only their legitimacy would tremble, but that of him. The entire regime, because if there is something the oligarchies depend on, or even more true, the only thing they depend on is citizen participation, hence the necessary call to the polls in each electoral event.

As we have said and arrived here, to know the naturalness of the parties, that is, what they are and pretend to be, we would say that they are organs or factions of the State, that live and are sustained by the State with taxpayer money, by law, that once and having obtained the necessary votes in an electoral voting process, they would have already managed to enter the State and begin to be financed, as we say by law, by the State, money that they also use for their pre-election programs and campaigns.

We have an example of what the financing of state parties is and what it consists of in January 2021;

“The council of ministers approves the distribution of 52,704,140 Euros consigned in the General State Budgets of 2021 as a subsidy to political parties with parliamentary representation to meet their operating expenses.

This figure has been frozen since 2016, and its distribution, which is carried out in accordance with the Organic Law of 2007 that regulates the financing of parties, is carried out based on the result obtained in the elections to the Congress of Deputies held on November 10, 2019.

Therefore, the PSOE is the one that receives the highest amount, 14.3 million euros (to which must be added 1.7 million euros from the PSC), followed by the PP with 11.7.

To determine the subsidy of the subsidies, both the number of seats and the number of votes obtained by each formation are taken into account.

The credit distributions among the different political formations with representation in Congress, identical to that of last year, is as follows:


PSOE-14,383,030.44 Euros

PP-11,714,463.64 Euros

VOX-8,074,684.52 Euros

UNITED WE CAN-4,864,385.82 Euros

CITIZENS-2,967,992.27 Euros

ERC-1,659,817.53 Euros

PSC -1,789,791.79 Euros

JUNTS PER CATALUNYA. -1,193,863.46 Euros

IN COMMU CAN WE-1,171,982.79 Euros

PNV-867,504.12 Euros

EH_BILDU-665,817.44 Euros

MORE COUNTRY_EQUO-594,018.95 Euros

CUP-469,434.30 Euros

IN COMMON UNITED WE CAN -381,659.90 Euros

MONTH COMMITMENT-313,617.72 Euros

PP_FORO-294,563.91 Euros



PRC-153,046.17 Euros

TERUEL EXISTS 79,723.02 Euros

Being a state party the number one enemy of civil society and having dissociated itself from it, it no longer has anything to do with citizens nor does it represent them, nor does it have the same interests nor can it have them; We are talking about the principles of the political parties, which is what they act on, each one is due to whom they pay, that is something as simple to understand as if the parties claim ideologies such as communists or socialists or independentists, if we look at , all receive pay and live from a monarchy of parties, and not constitutional as they have taught us, in Spain one can say that he is a socialist, communist, republican or of the right or of the left and something else is what he truly is and in what work, that is, its principles, and in Spain the principles of political parties are of a monarchy of parties set up and designed by Franco, and they live as we see it, and very well also. The first thing a political party has to do to want to be within the State and live off what it lends it is to be corrupt, once a political party agrees to be financed with public money, it is saying that it is not interested in what it is at all. It happens to citizens or concerns them, is saying that their interests are party interests and not public, only corruption and embezzlement, which the Regime easily allows them to carry out and so blatantly, it will be the religion of a political party since enters the state. There is no other way to function than to get corrupted when a party belongs to the State, it is the simplest and clearest way to see fascism and totalitarianism in front of our eyes. It is so easy to understand that the moral of a state party is not and cannot be to represent the ideas and what concerns a citizen, just as we usually see, the only thing that worries them about people is their participation in the polls , It is not even their electoral program, something that in pre-electoral times they sing and preach with such affection and enthusiasm among individuals, but that later and after coming to power or obtaining a position in the state class they are forgotten as if by magic. It is a phenomenon, that of not fulfilling what was promised, so simple to explain as that there is no Political Freedom, if there were freedom, all that they promise would have to be irretrievably fulfilled, unless they want to disappear from their position suddenly, that It is the great difference that there is freedom to that there is not, that is why the infinite lie of the electoral programs and false propaganda.

What is the theater or the lie of the state parties? It really is something of a truism, it is so obvious that tired of seeing it in the media, radio, television and press and so many times said and repeated by them, individuals have turned their ears to such lies and atrocities in the political sphere, we are talking about what the political class in general wants it to appear to be, that is, as we have been describing, I am going to talk about the foundation of the lie and say that the political parties pretend to appear. The first and biggest lie of all is to speak of democracy, a term that in Spain is conspicuous by its absence.
There cannot be democracy because what is in its place is a state of parties as a form of government, a definition that can be found in the description established by the Court of Bonn jurisprudence by Gerard Leibzhold (person we see in the image), in 1956 to the system, or rather, the Regime that is currently established in Spain. That is the first and the main lie and the biggest of all, to make the millions of volunteer servants who come to the ballot box to vote without knowing that they choose nothing and cynically create the illusion for one day in their life that decide something. The second and great lie too, and it is somewhat similar to the previous one, is to speak of the constitution, another term that is totally non-existent in Spain. It is not possible to speak of a constitution because what exists as a legal document in its place is a letter granted, a reform of the fundamental laws of the Francoist Kingdom, of which all the parties in their day agreed with their backs to the people and without the participation of any of this nothing more than to endorse what has already been written and drafted; for there really had to be a true constitution we would have to be talking about separation of powers, Legislative and Executive, which is what naturally and mainly constitutes a constitution, that is, to separate the Nation from the State, and it is necessary to point out that what the parties really are, being state, is totally the opposite, and then, to define and point out their principle and what they work in is and how it is described In the definition of the State of parties in the jurisprudence of the Court of Bonn, _ what is intended with this system of government is the integration of the masses in the State_, that is, to make the Nation disappear by making it belong and live within the State and For the State, there can be no constitution because for this the powers have to be separated in origin, that is, in separate elections and give the Nation what belongs to the Nation, the Legislative, and give the State what belongs to the State, the Executive.

As for the propaganda and how political parties are sold to the public and that is also another way of saying what they really are and their naturalness is in such a way that we are now going to describe. They are sold as opposition, one of the other, but in reality and as we have been explaining, let’s look carefully at the detail that is so important and that will help us understand the picaresque of lies and that theater we are talking about; There is no opposition whatsoever, there is no opposition when there is an oligarchy of party leaders in consensus, let’s look at it; There is a pact between former enemies, that pact is based solely and exclusively on that consensus, inevitably and necessarily there must be a distribution, in fact there are quotas, which depend on a proportion of votes, so there is no opposition, it is very easy, They are all within the State and they already have power, no one chooses anything at the polls, so they do not need to be elected, they just call the polls to endorse what is there and the more participation, the more they distribute positions and of wealth or power, but that is not opposition. It is so simple that just by noting that they are all the same, due to their naturalness, organs or permanent factions of the State, they do not need to have any ideology because they have left and abandoned civil society to create a pact, a union, a concord, what makes politics disappear and that only an appearance of opposition remains in its place, which is what they sell us.
Also look at how state parties were born, at least in Spain, and how today they are maintained in the same way, through pacts and consensuses to acquire and come to power, today and as we all know, the government does. They form two factions of the state that are PODEMOS and PSOE, but we could put hundreds of examples of pacts and consensuses, that the only thing that is as a definition and dogmatic and existential description distributions of powers and wealth, or as Ortega y Gasset said in his day , “Consensus is the distribution of the loot, where there is consensus there is distribution of loot.” So, in Spain everything is an opinion, everything is an “as if” it were so but it is not, it is what we see, and we have been seeing it for 42 years, a long opinion in time, some say that one can lie a lot but it will only do it to a few and not all the time, well, in Spain, they want to accept it that way, or merely the fact that it has already been accepted, that Spanish citizens have already surrendered to lies and have gotten used to it. to it, or that directly participates with it in full moral naturalness of the Spanish people, I think we have cases, in fact, there are cases for everything, what we can say is that more than 60% of citizens with the right to vote they vote for state parties or they vote blank, which is the same, they are saying that they agree with what there is, and that Despite the infinite corruption and lies, their option is that they continue to lie to them more and more.
What moral can an individual have who has voted for a party because of what that party has sold him in his electoral campaign and later that party makes a pact with another and that voter is betrayed? Morality of the Spanish elector who after 42 years seeing the same thing continues to go to the ballot box to be betrayed again? The million dollar question is, Why does one vote? In function or in honor of what or whom?

We can also talk about the naturalness of political parties, of what they truly are, when they are described in their propaganda or rallies as being left or right or maintaining ideologies, which apparently and among the colorful ones that they all expose in their offered logos from the power of the State, they are striking of the individuals who identify with them thanks to said propaganda. We have said at the beginning of the article that ideologies cannot exist because there is no Political Freedom.
One detail that I do not want to go unnoticed is to say that the Left, an idea mainly that comes from the people’s struggle for freedom, can never exist if it occurs in state parties. That is not possible then, despite the fact that some insist on saying that communism and socialism have returned in Spain, they even qualify it by referring to South American republics such as Venezuela, something as incomprehensible in politics as they say.r that what exists in America is impossible for it to exist in Spain, due to its naturalness, although by its principles and means they are similar since corruption is the factor of the system so that these work in both. We have to say that all parties are the same, first of all any party that becomes part of the Congress of Deputies swears this monarchy, that is, naturally they are monarchists, all without exception, whatever their names are and preach what they are. preach; That by their nature they are, legitimate nature since it is that legitimacy that the monarchy itself grants so that they can be there, it is a fact, despite I repeat, that they preach whatever it is, to be they are what they are, regardless of what they want sell another story, we have an example in the Communist Party of Santiago Carrillo today derived from what is the United Left and currently Podemos, for them to say that they are communists is one thing but that they live and have been part of a monarchy set For Franco 42 years no one can deny that, like Esquerra Republicana, that Republicans will be lip service, being they are monarchists and live off the monarchy like everyone else, it happens the same as Bildu, one more state party, also a monarchist, a true To top it off if we put ourselves since you can hear anything about them and alleged attacks from the party to the King or the Regime but make no mistake, it is a theater, they live from the monarchy and very well also for a long time. many years participating in and of it, party that became Batasuna in its day, equal party state and monarchical, for those who did not know
. In the pact signed by the political consensus of the state parties, we can contemplate a fact and it is like the ETA and as the Falange were not in favor of this pact, they did not want that constitution made and elaborated behind the backs of the people, but what they did It is clear to us that Political Freedom did not want it either. Talking about centralism, communism, fascism, left-rights, socialisms, etc., are merely banal qualifiers that are worthless or really define anything if we look and stop to really see what they are existentially by their nature and their principles. Why not also say that they are all Francoist parties, given their nature, of course they are, and today more than ever; and that due to their principles, that is, of relationships by how they work, they are organs of the State, financed and embedded in the State, that they already have the power distributed in consensus before being elected and from there they call for participation in the urns. What we have today for its naturalness, for what it is and for its principles for what it works is pure Francoism, Francoist state parties, a monarchy legitimized and legalized by the dictator, _ everything was tied and well tied_, said the dictator in the media of the moment, a fact covered with it “it seems that” and “it is as if” and bases the theater and the propaganda of the Regime and hidden with the lie and the effect of the political consensus that derives in a manipulation of language in all its forms and that This manipulation of language lasts to this day, necessary manipulation to hide from view the great lie that Spain has been living for 42 years and that is that there is no democracy and that no one chooses or decides absolutely anything at the polls.

In later articles we will continue talking about the political-state parties, we will continue clarifying terms and concepts and exposing ourselves in such a way that in the simplest and clearest way the reader can understand and position themselves in the case of having doubts. Because this is not about opinions, the facts are not opinions, a fact is and is for everyone, here as you can see, it is not intended to enter into evaluations but to describe facts and define terms. Nor can we say or speak of ideologies, since a definition is not an idea, but something existential that everyone can contemplate.

I hope as always you have enjoyed and it has served you to benefit of your information and inspiration, a greeting all and until the next article.

“To continue voting in the party system is to continue feeding the ignominy of the state parties at the polls. It is to continue instituting masters without ever having the possibility of electing anything or anyone, nor of decision in the political sphere, so with the proportional system of lists they will have good to distribute themselves, the voter, although many ignore it or create other stories and topics , is a voluntary servant who institutes masters to choose nothing, more than anything because the voting system does not allow the election of anything or anyone, that is, voting without democracy is truly stubborn, or in other cases opportunistic of the moment and As fanatics of ideologies, nothing can be changed in Spain because there is no democracy, there is a party state as a form of government and everything that happens in terms of embezzlement and corruption is not the political class that is to blame, it is the people who endorses it at the polls, and thus, as the parties are permanent organs of the State, the left and the right do not exist, leaving in their place a theater and a circus so that it seems that there is politics, something non-existent and n Spain because the consensus between parties prevents it.

While voting in Spain there will be what we have described, barbarism and despotism, nobody has changed anything by voting nor can they do so, because all, despite their predications that are false because there is no political freedom, are the same, permanent organs of the State.

Nobody has changed anything in 42 years in the Party State. The one that the false constitution has come back, the letter granted from 78 ‘, has allowed him to become corrupted and finish up, not because he is in one way or another as a person but because it is the system itself that makes whoever enters have to inevitably corrupt, first agreeing to be financed with taxpayer money. No one has fulfilled their electoral program. The fruits of the Party State are paid as dearly as that today, in the XXI century, individual freedoms and rights are disappearing as if by magic, it was not freedom, they were permits granted that, just as they were given then, today they are removing the same, those who gave them, in favor of their interest, leaving a society subject to the power of the state parties, not of the government, of the parties, because as we explained previously there is no opposition between them. Voting in the Party State hurts yourself and hurts your peers.

The result is clear 42 years later, a ruined Spain, worse and worse, whoever comes will do worse than the previous one. How much more does it take to see that this game is not fair? A game where public opinion is marginalized.

What sensible and clean person of spirit and moral wants to continue playing this? The people have never decided or chosen absolutely nothing, they only abide by and endorse in a servile and obedient way “.

HR Antonio, February 4, 2021

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