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 The author has made a plastic elaboration inspired by the Guernica mural, oil on canvas measuring 340.3 x 776.6 cm made in 1937 by the Malaga artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Casas’s work takes us on a pedagogical and visionary itinerary, where the author understands that the next wars will no longer be they will produce with arms between nations or territories, but between the powerful and the weak, those from above against those from below, without using conventional weapons replaced by economic ones.

According to Casas, large international corporations, banking, communication and investment funds, allied with each other, will oblige the States To execute as many measures as necessary to achieve the maximum benefit, in the same way and in a parallel way, the media distorts the news to contribute to the same end, which George Orwell predicted in his famous novel (1984). • Going into the aesthetic criticism of the painting, I understand that it is done with the same palette that Picasso will use, establishing an upper and lower central axis with images rescued from Guernica . Once this composition is made, it provides a new diagonal axis of windows that start in a staircase -not by chance-, from near the upper right corner, where the richest woman in Spain manages the puppets of the great parties, it does not matter the character, they are the same, it is followed by another window that retracts, hides, climate change and one more that faces, to end in an empty space. All these windows are bricked with collages of press clippings and texts.

What interests me most about Alfonso Casas’s painting is its empty window, that cold and unknown space, that break in the work, that heartbroken cry that cannot be heard. 

Jesús María Serrano

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Author’s texts and writings

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I painted this painting approximately five years ago for the 80th anniversary of Picasso’s Guernica, in a group exhibition at the Malaga town of Purullena. Analyze it, in the area above is the key to the globalization of the economy and culture, with the blessing of the different most important religions in the world, the first universal pandemic, religion. On the international situation. The Pandemic. The impact on the working class and the masses will be felt in the coming years.

Our common tasks in the framework of the international class struggle. I have to make it clear that it is not a crisis, just a scam of capital towards it.

Autophagy, given the impossibility of continuing to eat their own or other people’s resources, they eat each other even destroying the system, without looking at the consequences, despair of neoliberalism, it does not matter to cheat, lie, murder, the people do not find out and if someone finds out , takes refuge in oblivion so as not to suffer or fight. In all scams, crises and wars, the rich come out richer and the poor poorer. The Basic Income is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, the animal gets used to being fed and no longer gets up even to look for food, a decent wage, dividing the hours of work, already in the century In the past, they fought for 8 hours, given the population and mechanization, robotization and new technologies, we may not even reach 30 hours a week, this is what we have to fight for.

 In the first window, you can see Ana Loot with the two puppets with the names changed, because they don’t know what to wear, since they are the same clowns with different names and managed by the Ibex 35.

 In the second window, the Climate change, promoted by the excessive consumption of natural resources and the greenhouse effect due to polluting gases from different industries and the combustion of engines, these make us poison ourselves without knowing or how, but our body can somehow manufacture viruses, which in turn can destroy or neutralize us, so that the planet recovers itself

The third window. The commercial war between East and West, the Pandemic, is already announced by the painting with the cockroaches, and the commercial war, since wars will not return to the old-fashioned way in Western cultures, they will be chemical and commercial. China is communist, 20% of world trade, we have finally won! It is already a world leader in the economy.


We cannot keep talking about communism. Communists like Carrillo and his predecessors, with honorable exceptions, ended up sinking it in Spain.

 We cannot talk about the glories of the past, it is better to leave them in the books and the scholars or those interested who read them, if we do not arrive with the information of the present, how are we going to arrive with the information of the past. We must look for a more direct and current vocabulary, we cannot continue speaking as in the last century with many fewer words to say more, this pamphlet speech is very empty, it does not say anything

Threatened with plagues as in ancient Egypt, nothing has been written again since the Greeks. This Pandemic has shown that people obey, but we have discovered that they are disciplined, or are simply obeying the voice of the master, this is another facet to cultivate, discipline.

 Then comes the figure of the revolutionary, just one more time he fights Against the forces of order, only with their rage and their poor resources the herd goes where they lead. The revolution cannot go by free or alone a group of visionaries, it must be agreed by the herd and adapt to its language and its pace, or once again we will crash into misunderstanding, of messages full of words that do not understand or understand education. , this will make them think for themselves until they reach their liberation, the herd has been educated to obey, work, produce and mate to follow the routine, and tomorrow have more slaves to follow the chain.

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In the foreground come the dispossessed and the most suffering of all wars, women and children, these in their defenselessness will be the ones who most strongly inflict all the misfortunes.

 We must reject the social pact, the Toledo pact and all The pacts that they want to make must be demanded a thorough reform of the Political Reform Law, this is the best moment, no more time can be wasted, and for this the first thing that must be put aside are the flags, the partisan or personal interests and work for the common good by sending a clean, clear and hopeful message to the citizens.

_ ”nothing will be as before” _, or the fourth window

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Alfonso Casas Moreno, Puerto de Santa María, 2017

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