Hello everyone and welcome to the web of an instructive and thoughtful nature in the most innovative social and political field on the web, a place for Internet users wanting to learn and share knowledge of these matters, topics that we really and from this web consider highly necessary as an informative and instructional tool given the trajectory of the Spanish people in decline. This is a space that does not pretend or is supported by any type of ideology and where terms and concepts that are confused or that are generally unknown by societies in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world are addressed and where the development and explanation of the sociopolitical events of our time and of earlier times.

This website has been made available to the public in an altruistic and disinterested way by a server, my name is Antonio Hidalgo Rodriguez, with the purpose of making protagonists that part of the people interested in a true socio-political change, that is, in a revolution, always peaceful . We must also be grateful for the participation of more collaborators who will appear in its development and extension and will help us to see and analyze events, terms and concepts from different points of view. To the builders and those who have worked and collaborate in this project of design and production of this space and to all those interested in participating and contributing their knowledge in the matter, to all of you thank you from the heart, you will always be welcome in this dedicated space to Liberty in the singular and with a capital letter.

Here it is intended to instruct and develop mainly among other subjects of interest, the culture of Collective Political Freedom and democracy, terms that are practically unknown, confused and misused not only in Spain but also in the rest of the world.

This website is prepared and designed exclusively with a prejudice of a preparatory and cultural mental and moral character for a change, for a necessary and inevitable near and near revolution given the socio-political situation in the world and specifically in Spain, where science and philosophy Politics of all times and irrefutable facts will be the main tool to address and develop the different social and political agendas and events.

Because the confusion and ignorance in politics and the public, which is what concerns us all, is phenomenally abysmal and brings with it the absurd ideologies and fanaticisms that in our daily life prevent us from progressing our society as a whole and because For a long time, it has dragged on an immense confusion and ignorance of the matter and that is summarized in an innate distrust between citizens and their collective behavior with their peers, because there are many years of oppression of the abuse of power and the tyranny of the governments that bring individuals to the margins of their Political Freedom and democracy, since it is the lack of control of the power of political systems, with which of the political class, which causes everything that in our daily lives we observe to Around us.

Political Freedom wants to be an instrument to create and raise public and collective awareness at the same time, that learning, reflection and debate reign, always moderate and formal, since politics needs it, always with respect and education, because we consider that politics is necessary and natural, we do not want it to be a pitched battlefield where there is a smell of insults and slights coming from ignorance, ignorance or ideological fanaticism, we do not want to make politics look like what we know so far, corruption, men in black with ties and briefcases or simply thieves and not a reason to create discord, politics concerns us all and it is everyone’s responsibility. This space is and should be an instructive space only, learning is wise.

We sincerely hope that all of you enjoy and at the same time we learn and take positive advantage of the content and in the development of this website, always in the field of culture and instruction.

Gracias a todos y bienvenidos