The objective and purpose of this website, as we have indicated in the Information section of the website, is mainly to raise awareness through the culture of Political Freedom and democracy, and we have made it available to the public, as a tool of the people, to carry perform that task. Therefore, as the Spanish people are the protagonist of this website, more specifically that part of the people that wants a real socio-political change and of all the institutions that are currently established, we want to give the opportunity to all those who launch themselves and are able to participate and collaborate with your will and without commitments in this space, exposing your qualities, whether they are works such as videos, reflections, texts, interviews and other documents, that are exclusively instructive and that do not contain ideologies or other factors that lead us to confusion and controversy.

We have therefore opened a section for those who want to participate, for those who want to register. You will have to go through a short interview and leave some personal information to identify yourself and be recognized.

That said, we are going to move on to the interview, which we hope is not too heavy and cloying, but we consider it necessary for the proper functioning of this website, and so that it can also bear fruit of what we intend with it, which is to create a culture of the political.
So let’s move on to the registration and the interview:

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