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We are a space dedicated to the study and development of philosophy and political and social sciences, and we have the sole objective of instructing and injecting the culture of Political freedom and democracy in society, concepts both totally unknown, misused and manipulated. in its description by a large number of people who are really ignorant of the importance and influence they have on their daily lives and on their collective progress as a people and society.

As the idea and spirit of this website is to get out of the immense confusion in which societies are submerged in terms of politics, not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the world, there is no possibility of manipulation or lie in any section or article that this space contains, since thanks to the sciences and philosophy of the matter we will support each other to clarify and develop any concept and explanation that is touched within the scope of the subject obviously and that they are essential tools as well as the exposition of irrefutable facts that can be demonstrable and we ourselves can see with our own eyes.

We consider that a channel of these characteristics on the internet is extremely necessary, since it is a fact that, in no institution, colleges and universities and the media, these issues are not explained as they should, and even rather misused and rigorously manipulated of the political class and its propaganda so that individuals are never clear about being able to describe the public and political reality in which they live. Phenomenon that causes blindness in the people and a totally distorted and confused vision of reality in political terms and concepts, pure protagonism of skepticism about the reality of politics at least, which comes from decades ago of dictatorship and an authoritarian regime that is the one we have today. The terrible level of teaching and instruction in schools, colleges and universities, state propaganda, radio, television and press, and other media have been responsible for decades to have the people ignorant of public matter, this website helps to have its own criteria individually and collectively as a society, and gives arguments to counter the manipulation, confusion and existential ignorance that exists in the public of citizens.

There is no room in any analysis or description or definition of any type of doctrinal ideology or inexplicable conspiracy theories because we consider that they are smoke to avoid reality and thus not allow us to see clearly the content of the concept and also cause more confusion than we may have previously . Ideology is useless and does not clarify anything, no one can make an analysis or know exactly any fact that has occurred, since ideological romanticisms block and hinder the objectivity of the analysis, they will always be an impediment to approach the truth and point it out. That is why we ask in this space and warn that any type of ideological content that arises and is brought here and that does not explain or say anything will be totally eliminated. It is not intended to propagandize or convince of anything, it is intended to teach.

This website and its development will be carried out with the participation of people interested in the subject, both to teach and to learn, and from that set to advance in the breakdown of any exposed subject. There is also no lucrative purpose, other than the maintenance of the same website and being able to replace or add or remove what from the suggestions section is considered necessary to improve it. We await guests and collaborators who will help us develop any current concept or event from different points of view, honoring freedom of thought and its variety.

We want to be a light, a beacon in the night of the darkest and most dangerous storm, a guide for those brave curious people who have shed their ideologies in times of lack of political freedom and want to get closer to the clarification of their ideas and concepts, a place where we all have an opportunity to learn and get out of the mental and moral labyrinth that societies contain in the political sphere. We want to seek real solutions to political and social issues, end the social outrage caused by the effects of the abuse of power and its misuse, and make the participants and those who come to take a look see that there are solutions. and more viable alternatives to what exists, which are possible and explain how to carry them out.

We have two channels for reading and participation on the web in Spanish and in English, since the intention is for it to be shared and disseminated around the world and any citizen has the opportunity and can participate and enjoy its content.

We have an open space for all the public and a more specific one for those who want to participate in the web more deeply and wish to register. In the public site, we have the information of the web and a section where you can see the items on display and a store where you can get books and pamphlets and other available items that we will add. In the option of registering and opening your personal profile, where there will be a chat for users and you can connect with other people already registered to share your ideas.

Photos, videos, books and other documents can be shared, always passing a web content control, and thus expose the article in order to get closer to the truth and thus be able to point it out.

We have a library with real articles where you can find any document you want, and if it does not appear, we ask you to communicate it quickly and in the shortest possible time and it is in our hands, we find it and we have it within everyone’s reach. . We want to fill the cultural void of Spanish society in the public sphere and that they leave here satisfied, with their own criteria and solutions to their headaches, they may not conform to the content that we have here, but at least, that this content provoke a state of personal reflection in the political sphere.

We also have a channel dedicated to history, philosophy and art, because we consider artistic works of any age essential as they reflect the author’s thought and are a reflection of society and his thought. Space where anyone who wishes can leave their works and expose them to the public. This section will be developed as the web progresses.

To say that here it is not intended to open debates or topics that do not belong to the field of culture, that is, there is no room for inexplicable topics, or simply events or other explanations that have no argument or explanatory criteria and that have nothing to do with the philosophy and science and that are an impediment to the understanding of any event and explanation.

All doubts and questions regarding who we are and what we do here can be written on the published site under the “doubts and questions” section and will be gladly resolved and explained from the website libertad We want to be as fluid as possible for the solvency of any doubt or proposal that arises from the web, we consider that it helps nobody have any question about the purpose and functionality of our space.

We do not want to leave without leaving a manifesto that is the cause of why we are here and for what, and in honor of the truth and Freedom, which belongs to everyone and is in front of us, we created this space and called for a change, we called for a Peaceful revolution, a cultural revolution first and that is why we are also here, to seek a break with the power established in Spain, and we consider and value that the first peaceful and civilized means and that it is a tool to delegitimize what exists, that is, to remove authority moral and leave the institutions subject only to the law nothing else, and use it in conscience and with a specific purpose that is to reach a period of Constituent Freedom is abstention, not because we do not want to vote, but because what we do not want is being part of a fraud and a lie, and because we are also very aware that voting, which is not the same as choosing, is useless when there is no democracy, nothing more than to create voluntary servitude and institute masters every four years. For us in this space, not voting is an exercise in conscience not to stain ourselves in what there is. We are here for this that we have just exposed and also; The first because there is no Political Freedom, nor is it known what it is; Second, because there is no formal democracy as the rules of the game, that is, neither representation of the citizen nor separation of the Legislative and Executive powers in separate elections, and it does not primarily fulfill the foundation of democracy, which is that power does not depend on either the people or the the ballot box and it does not allow citizens to control power and this is the main and existential cause of all the evils that we observe in our daily lives, and it is ignored; because there is no constitution but a Charter Granted, complying with article XVI of the Declaration of the Rights of the Citizen of the French Revolution that says that, “that legal document that the separation of powers is not guaranteed is not a constitution”; because the current regime allows the spirit of the Franco dictatorship and the power of the dictator to remain stronger and more alive than ever in the XXI century since there was never a break with it and because both the monarchy and the consensus between the state political parties inherited the Franco’s power and it is with what they govern us today by quotas in proportion to the votes captured; because individuals cannot develop their vocations and their actions outside of the social context; because neither in the work centers nor in the teaching centers the talents and professional personal qualities of individuals are enhanced and not only that, but the State keeps society submerged in a deep confusion in terms and concepts; because the lack of political culture causes outrage, which is what the Party State as a form of government in Spain it is fed to create and propose new strategies and maintain lies and social and political fraud; because consensus prevents freedom of thought, there is no freedom of thought because there is consensus; because the state political parties have robbed the nation of the power to decide its future with political freedom by seizing the state; because the alternative to what there is is democracy; because there is no politics in Spain because the consensus prevents it; because the public and political world is a theater based on appearances, deception and corruption; and finally, because the Spanish State, fruit of the regime and the Constitution of 78, apart from being bankrupt, broken and in a period of disintegration and decline, has proven to be a fraud and a failed institution, based on its infinite corruption, not only material but moral and mental, starting with the reflection of the functionality of society itself, and because the principles to sustain that this regime works and continues are: embezzlement, prevarication and lies, this space has opened the public an opportunity to find solutions and calls on civil society to necessarily come together in a collective conscience, without political stubbornness or ideological differences, to fight for the opening of a period of Constituent Freedom that allows the people to choose in a referendum and not in a plebiscite their form of state and government and elect in a referendum also some deputies as Constituent Courts to draft a new constitution that fulfill the sole objective of this legal document, which is, to separate the Executive and Legislative powers with separate elections, that is, to separate the Nation from the State, and also guarantee the independence of the judiciary, which should not be a political power as such, only that neither it influences the other two powers nor the other two powers influence it.

Being honest and paying attention to the truth, Spanish society has entered a labyrinth of confusion and instability of public values, which does not allow it to get out of the social, economic and political hole where it has been at the moment and for decades. For this reason, this website is exposed to the public, for the reasons that we have previously mentioned and because we consider and have a moral responsibility as free citizens to bring this content, always in the cultural sphere, to the Spanish people, we hope it will be of their most useful benefit.

A cordial greeting, truth and Political Freedom.