As what is mainly intended in this space is to get out of the confusion and misunderstanding, or at least try and try to clarify terms and concepts in the socio-political sphere, we were not going to leave aside a section so that, anyone who wants to And you want, leave any questions or doubts you have, both about who we are and about the matters that are specifically discussed here.
On this website,, we consider that any suggestion, doubt or question can help us all to learn, even the most absurd of questions, and that we can all acquire knowledge when it comes to getting out of confusion. Please, if you have visited this space and you have had any question or question about what we do here or any question about what it is about here, we ask that you do not have the slightest inconvenience in leaving your question or suggestion in this section, perhaps to someone the more it may be worth and serve you in the future, we will gladly try to answer your questions as clearly, clearly and best as possible.
We are going to leave here some of the questions that some of the people who visit our website have asked us, and we hope that, for future visitors or interested in the content of the website, it will help them to clear up any question they may have:

Questions or issues such as:

_ Is there democracy in Spain?
_ What is abstention for?
_ What is the objective of the web
_ Does this website have something to do with an association?
_ How can we participate on the web to publish and exhibit our work?
_ What ideology does this website have?
_ Is this website associated with a political party?
Politics is useless, they are all corrupt …,
_ What is this web about?,
_ Can the king change the current situation in Spain?
_ I plan to vote in the next elections to change the situation in the country …,
_I do not want political parties, I prefer direct democracy …,
_ I am going to vote for Vox so that communism does not come out …,
_ Voting is a duty, you have to vote, otherwise you cannot complain …,
_ I like it and I am an art lover, how can I leave my projects here?
_ As long as the judiciary is not independent there will be no separation of powers …,
_If I abstain, the right comes out …,
_ What is cultural hegemony?
_ What can we do to avoid corruption in city councils?
_ Who is Antonio García Trevijano?
_Marx’s work is crap, it has brought us hunger and deaths …,
_The transition came out like this because there was no other way to organize politics, there was danger of civil war …,
_In Spain there is democracy, we are in the best of the democracies according to surveys in Europe …,
_The independentists are going to destroy Spain …,
_It is very difficult to agree on Spanish society, each one thinks in a different way and nothing is going to change …,
_ Democracy is equality of all and better rights …,
_ Politicians are corrupt, I do not vote …,
_ I like the history section, how can I upload my work?
_ This website does not tell the truth, politics is something else …,
_ Each person has their opinion and we can never agree on anything, each one has their truth …,
_ They are all thieves, I will vote blank for the next elections …,
_The power is held by the world government of the elites …,
_The Constitution needs a reform …
_ What is a period of Constituent Freedom?
_ What is Collective Political Freedom?
_ What is political representation?
_ What is political consensus?