Hello dear friends of Liberty, as we are in a purely cultural and instructive space, we could not miss or fail to attend to some matters that we consider essential for our cultivation of political and sociological culture. Although science and political philosophy, with the irremediable help of proven and verifiable facts, is what helps us to understand current socio-political events and history, we could not go unnoticed this space to work and develop three more subjects, directly related to the main subject of the web, the subjects are history, art and philosophy. These matters go hand in hand with the political naturally since thousands of years ago and in them we can find direct relationships with the thought and events of certain times.

Where works and documents of any time and time of these three named subjects will be exhibited and also works of art both historical and of current authors of today; so much so, that we want to give the opportunity to those who are dedicated and are art lovers, to exhibit their works and works and make themselves known through this medium.

We want to be a space where freedom of expression and thought is the protagonist, and through personal or collective works, they are a reason for learning for everyone, as well as the diversity of opinion and criticism, which is where we can develop more deeply certain topics and subjects.

We want to give young students the opportunity to exhibit their work here and also be a means to vent their desire for expression. University and self-taught, all those who wish to capture and share their works through documents and documentaries, texts, even videos, here in this section that we have called “about” will be able to satisfy your desire to do so.

We are totally and definitely committed to innovation and creativity, teamwork and individual work, we want to convey a message of encouragement to all those who for reasons, personal or other reasons, do not have or do not have the opportunity to express themselves, here they will have a place. Because it is from the people and their variety of opinion and criticism, from which we can get the true nature of it, its originality and thus develop its thought and artistic and professional faculties.

We also want to insist and make it clear that; This space, the Libertad-Política.com website, is not a place for ideologies or to express oneself through them, since ideology is a partial truth that we can say does not exist and some could use it as demagoguery and as an excuse for offense, in addition, It would also be outside the instructive margin and the mission and final objective of this website, which is entirely cultural.

We offer and encourage from this space the free expression of your artistic and professional criteria through the works that you wish to share and we will be very proud that other passers-by of this website find it beneficial and inspiring encouragement.Acerca de, un espacio para el arte, la historia y la filosofía del ciudadano libre.